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Prof. Angel Damayanti: Indonesia’s role is very strategic in the 2023 AIS Forum Summit


Jakarta – Professor of Social and Political Sciences at the Indonesian Christian University (UKI) Jakarta, Prof. Angel Damayanti, Ph.D said that Indonesia’s role is very strategic in the 2023 AIS Forum Summit because Indonesia is seen by other countries, especially archipelagic island countries.

This was conveyed by UKI Professor of Social and Political Sciences Prof. Angel Damayanti, Ph.D when taking part in the National Dialogue on Pancasila TV in Jakarta, Saturday, 7/10/2023.

Prof Angel added, as host, Indonesia has the right to determine the theme and agenda that will be discussed at the conference. Indonesia has the privilege to promote what is considered important, such as advancing the blue economy, ensuring Indonesia’s maritime security from the threat of damage to the marine environment.

Apart from that, according to him, as host, Indonesia also has more freedom to determine how to agree on an agenda and agree on a joint declaration.

The most important thing, especially for the AIS Forum participating countries, is to equalize perceptions about how to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the marine environment, because our seas are related to the livelihoods of many people, such as livelihoods for coastal communities, being trade routes and shipping lanes, especially now that we are dependent on exports. and imports are very high so that healthy, sustainable seas can be realized, he stressed.

The same perception about what is considered a threat, whether from certain countries or from pirates, facing fish thieves, facing natural disasters that may arise from the sea, or global warming which causes sea levels to rise. Perceptions about the threat need to be discussed so that each country has the same perception and finds out how to find a way to resolve it, he explained.

Meanwhile, UKI Professor of Social and Political Sciences, Prof. Angel Damayanti, assessed that the 2023 AIS Forum Summit would have a very positive impact on Indonesia. The impact is not only on Indonesia’s image internationally, especially in island and archipelago countries, but also on the Indonesian people because it can increase their income.

“The AIS Forum Summit had a positive impact on Indonesia because it was proven that Indonesia had a very important role, Indonesia was also involved in discussing issues about the sea or maritime affairs or about various problems faced by island and archipelagic countries in facing various potential threats that is in the sea,” said the UKI Professor.

According to him, hosting the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is proof that Indonesia is seen as an archipelagic country and is capable of hosting international conferences. This means that Indonesia’s reputation is seen as very positive, because it is able to hold a high-level conference and Indonesia is also recognized as an archipelagic country.

Indonesia hosting the 2023 AIS Forum Summit could have a big impact on the economy, which means boosting the economies in the Bali area, for example, hotels are fully occupied and other creative economies can be promoted. “For me, this is very positive for improving Indonesia’s image and economy,” he concluded.

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