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Radical Lecturer Deserve To Be Rejected


The existence of preachers who spread hate speech and radical ideas deserves to be rejected. Their presence is certainly disturbing because it invites the congregation to be intolerant.

Radicalism still exists in Indonesia even though the government has tried hard to eradicate it. Radical groups work as guerrillas and they disguise themselves as ordinary people while spreading their teachings. To expel radicalism, the government does many things. The community can also help by not inviting radical preachers to recitation events or other events.

So far, many people do not know that not all lecturers are straight-forward. The reason is because someone was caught spreading radicalism. Commissioner General Boy Rafli Amar, Head of the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) stated that there were indications that radicalism was being spread through lectures during Ramadan.

Komjen Boy continued, as an institution that prevents the emergence of radicalism, BNPT has paid close attention to the presence of Ramadan lectures that contain hatred and division. It is possible that the lecture contains narratives that contain elements of hatred for the state, for certain groups, races and certain groups.

The warning from the Head of BNPT certainly must be heeded by the public. It turns out that there are radical lecturers who are not aware that they have appeared on TV or Youtube channels. Their presence is certainly troubling because it can make the congregation lose their sense of nationalism and even blaspheme the government. Also rekindle the issue of SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, and between groups) and inflame anti-difference understanding.

Whereas a religious lecturer should not be allowed to inflame SARA issues because it can create social chaos. We certainly don’t want riots that lead to robberies and torture of certain ethnic groups, as happened in 1998. The issue of SARA is very sensitive so it should not be played with.

In addition, radical preachers must be rejected because he invites the people to fight the government. This is very dangerous because it can thwart government programs so that it will stagnate in the middle of the road. Even though it is clear in a hadith, the Prophet said that the people must obey the leader, and in this case the government.

Radical preachers must also be rejected because they can divide the nation. They always insist on establishing a caliphate state and abolishing Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. Even though Indonesia is a pluralist country and consists of many ethnic groups, and recognizes 6 religions, so it is not compatible with the caliphate principle. Radical groups also did not have a hand in the war for independence, so they could not change the shape of the country at will.

Therefore, if you want to hold a halal bi halal or recitation, then to fill the tausiyah event, don’t choose just any ustad. The public must avoid preachers who are proven to be radical. How to see it is quite easy because all you have to do is watch the videos on Youtube. If he invites people to be intolerant and vilify certain ethnicities, then it is clear that he is a radical preacher.

Radical preachers should not be given a stage because it would be very dangerous. Of the many pilgrims who came, there may be some who are interested in joining radical groups. Don’t let this bad thing happen because radicalism can destroy the nation.

The public must be vigilant because more and more preachers are actually spreading radicalism. With mutual concern, it is hoped that the spread of radicalism can be suppressed and the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia can be maintained.

Muhammad Yasin, the author is a contributor to the Press Circle and a Cikini student

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