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Religious Moderation Prevents Radical Understanding in Society


Radical understanding has been proven to produce turbidity in the harmonization of relations between communities. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen religious moderation to prevent radicalism in society while at the same time maintaining the integrity of Indonesia.

Moderation and moderation can be interpreted as a good adult attitude and very necessary. Radicalization and radicalism, violence and crime, including hate speech/speech and hoaxes, especially in the name of religion are childish, evil, divisive attitudes, damaging pathological lives, not good and unnecessary.

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Religious moderation itself is a creative effort to develop an attitude of diversity in the midst of various pressures of tension, such as between absolute truth claims and subjectivity, between literal interpretations and arrogant rejection of religious teachings, as well as between radicalism and secularism.

Ma’ruf Amin as the Vice President (Wapres) said that peace and harmony are the main elements of creating national unity. According to him, national unity is a prerequisite for the success of national development in the context of realizing a just, advanced and prosperous Indonesia as we aspire to.

On the occasion of the video conference, Ma’ruf Amin said that peace and harmony must be maintained and preserved, one of which is by echoing the values ​​of moderation in religion in accordance with wasathiyah principles.

Ma’ruf continued that Muslims in Indonesia can live side by side in peace and harmony with followers of other religions because Islam in Indonesia has come and developed in a peaceful way or with the principle of the middle way.

In fact, this principle has been successfully realized, one of them thanks to the role of the scholars as heirs to the prophets and torches of role model for the people.

He is also optimistic, if Indonesian ulemas unite in maintaining and increasing Islamic moderation, of course Wasathiyah Islam in Indonesia will become the axis of hope for the birth of a peaceful world as the beginning of a prosperous world.

However, Ma’ruf said, Ulama cannot fight alone in realizing peace through Wasathiyah Islam. The role of families, teachers, the wider community is very important in collaborative efforts to prevent the entry and spread of radical-terrorist ideas.

This is as stated in Presidential Regulation Number 7 of 2021 concerning the National Action Plan for the Prevention and Combating of Violent Extremism that Leads to Terrorism in 2020-2024.

According to Ma’ruf, the Presidential Regulation can be a common reference to strengthen collaboration between ministries/agencies, local governments, ulama and Islamic organizations, including BPET-MUI, to prevent and combat radical-terrorism.

In addition to the collaboration of a number of parties, the Vice President also reminded that the methods of broadcasting the da’wah of each religion should use narratives of cool and peaceful harmony, not conflict narratives that lead to hatred and hostility between religious adherents.

Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi as Deputy Minister of Religion (Wamenag) said religious moderation ensures that fellow religious people can open up space for mutual respect for differences. Religious moderation ensures that people can open up space for mutual respect. We believe in our true religion and give the right of belief to those of different religions.

Religious moderation is one of the priority programs of the Ministry of Religion that has been launched by the Minister of Religion (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas. This must be followed by all ASN in the Ministry of Religion.

Furthermore, he said that this program is an important issue that must be understood together. Because, there are still many who do not understand the meaning of religious moderation. Because what is being moderated is not the religion, but the way of being religious and understanding religion itself.

Difference is sunatullah and God’s gift. He asked that humans should not act as if it were heaven’s committee, by blaming people of different beliefs, let alone attaching the label of infidel to those who do not share the same faith or have different beliefs.

The Deputy Minister of Religion also added that Indonesia is neither a religious state nor a secular state. However, without Religious Moderation Indonesia will be scattered. For Indonesia, diversity has been believed to be the will of the Almighty. The Indonesian people have never asked for diversity, so it can be interpreted that God created Diversity and this is of course non-negotiable.

With the reality of the diversity of Indonesian society, we can imagine how diverse the views, beliefs and interests of each citizen, including in religion. So it is important that Religious Moderation continues to be encouraged.

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