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Society Firmly Rejects Khilafah


By: Alif Fikri)*

Khilafah is a transnational ideology that openly wants to replace Pancasila. Therefore, the public must firmly reject this notion which is also widely rejected in Muslim-majority countries.

Some time ago the public was excited because there was a march that voiced the rise of the caliphate. The participants also distributed flyers and promoted the caliphate. Whereas the banned mass organizations that used to be passionate about proclaiming the caliphate have been disbanded, and it turns out that there are others who still insist that the caliphate is the best. The mass organization is called Khilafatul Muslimin, whose chairman is a former member of the NII (Indonesian Islamic State).

The leader of the Khilafatul Muslimin, Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja, has been arrested by the Anti-terror Detachment 88 in Lampung. Apart from promoting the caliphate, he also violated the ITE Law and misused social media to spread radicalism and terrorism.

Deputy Minister of Religion Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi stated that the caliphate wanted to replace Pancasila in Indonesia. When Baraja was arrested, it was natural because it was considered a threat to the safety of the country. In a sense, the arrest of the leader of the Khilafatul Muslimin is normal because he and his followers promote the Khilafah system, even though it is very contrary to Pancasila.

Zainut Tauhid continued, hopefully after Baraja’s arrest is further processed. In a sense, not only the leaders of the mass organizations promoting the caliphate were arrested by Densus 88. But also their subordinates and their sympathizers. After Baraja’s arrest, the police moved quickly and searched Khilafatul Muslimin headquarters throughout Indonesia.

The raid on Khilafatul Muslimin’s headquarters had to be carried out because it was to monitor whether any of Baraja’s men were also promoting radicalism and terrorism. Don’t let the people be poisoned by the caliphate system and reject Pancasila. Even though it is clear that Pancasila is the guideline for every Indonesian citizen and cannot be replaced by others.

When the caliphate system is in 1 country, there is only 1 belief and the law is according to religious law, which is the basis. It would be very incompatible with the conditions of the pluralistic Indonesian society and the government recognizes 6 beliefs. The system in one country cannot simply be changed to become a caliphate and the Muslim Khilafatul is clearly arbitrarily because it does not understand the state laws that bind each of its citizens.

When Khilafatul Muslimin wants to replace Pancasila with a caliphate, it is clearly against the law, therefore it is natural that there will be arrests. Members of this Ormas can also be arrested because they are proven to be traitors to the state, because they are involved in cases of radicalism and terrorism. Since 1945, Pancasila has been the single ideology in Indonesia and cannot be replaced by any other.

It is strange when the Khilafatul Muslimin wants to replace Pancasila with a caliphate even though the conditions in Indonesia are far different from those in a royal country that does adhere to the caliphate system. Indonesia is a republic so that it uses a democratic system, and cannot be replaced with a royal system that uses a caliphate.

Khilafatul Muslimin and radical mass organizations cannot just displace Pancasila. Moreover, they do not have any authority or position in the government. They can only guerrilla and persuade people to enter into the trap of radicalism.

Therefore, people are expected not to be exposed to radicalism, whether transmitted by the Muslim Khilafatul or other mass organizations. Radical groups are traitors to the state and harboring suspected radicals and terrorists is also considered a violation of the law.

The Khilafatul Muslimin group has a mission to make Indonesia a caliphate state and replace Pancasila. The public is also advised to always be vigilant so that the spread of radicalism can be prevented.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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