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Supporting Government Efforts to Accelerate Vaccination


By: Ismail)*

The Government is to boost vaccination because lately because the number of patients Corona has increased dramatically. If more people are injected with the vaccine, it will reduce the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. The community also supports the government’s efforts by accelerating the national vaccination program.

Corona attacks are getting crazier when the increase in the number of patients soars to more than 12,000 patients per day. This increase is very stifling, because it shows how people are still not disciplined in maintaining health protocols. To prevent further increases, the national vaccination program must be boosted again.

The national vaccination program has been in the public spotlight since the beginning because it is 100% free. However, because of the large population of Indonesia, there are long queues. So that civilians have to be patient to get their turn to be injected with vaccines. As of the middle of this year, 12.5 million Indonesian citizens have received the Corona vaccine .

However, the government does not remain silent because it wants all Indonesian citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible. The first way to achieve 100% vaccination in Indonesia is by self-vaccination. So that employees can be injected at the designated private hospital and they do not have to queue for vaccinations at the Puskesmas. This can shorten the vaccine queue and self-vaccination is very safe because it is under the control of the Ministry of Health.

The second way to speed up vaccination is to bring in vaccines, both in finished form and raw materials ( bulk). Vaccines in the form of raw materials can be processed by themselves and we already have a lab and qualified experts. So that the distribution of vaccines will be safe because the stock is sufficient.

The community is also needed in an effort to accelerate the completion of the national vaccination program. They are fighting against hoaxes about the Corona vaccine because they are convinced of its efficacy. If there is negative news about the vaccine, it will not be shared immediately , but first checked for truth. So that there are no friends in cyberspace who are also lost and finally afraid of being vaccinated.

If someone counters the hoax about vaccination, some of the community will eventually believe and want to be injected with the vaccine. So it will meet the government’s target, which is a maximum of 12 months after the national vaccination has been completed. But when everyone is ignorant about hoaxes, it is possible that the national vaccination program will be completed in 18 months or so, potentially even failing.

Education about vaccine safety is needed because there are still people who are afraid to be injected. Indeed, after the injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the body can have a fever and feel tired. But it can be overcome by taking fever-reducing drugs and adequate rest. The company is also required to give permission if any of its employees want to apply for sick leave after being vaccinated.

The government is trying to speed up the completion of vaccinations so that herd immunity is formed and the public is obliged to support the national vaccination program, so that at least 80% of Indonesian citizens have been injected. The more that has been injected, the sooner the pandemic will end, because group immunity has already been formed.

Moreover, getting the vaccine is also very easy, if you do not have the opportunity to self-vaccinate. Just come to the Puskesmas and ask when the Corona vaccination schedule is . Another way is to look at the social media accounts of several private hospitals that hold vaccinations. All you have to do is call or fill out a form to book , then get the vaccine for free.

The government’s efforts to accelerate the national vaccination program must be supported by all circles of society, because as good citizens we must obey the rules. Don’t be afraid to get vaccinated because it’s safe and halal. Look for information where there are vaccinations and register, then get injected and immunity to Corona will increase.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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