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The Covid-19 Test and Vaccination Swab Does Not Break the Fast


By: Alfisyah Dianasari ) *

Being in the midst of a pandemic makes us familiar with the swab test as a condition before traveling, and also required for corona vaccinations. Muslims need not worry because neither of them breaks their fast. So that you can worship calmly while getting protection from the covid-19 virus.

A swab is a test to find out if you have the Covid-19 virus. This test is considered quite accurate because it has a validity of above 75%, even though the cost is quite high. At this time we have quite often been tested for swabs in reputable laboratories, because before flying by plane we must show valid results of this test.

Meanwhile, vaccination is a step to increase the body’s immunity by injecting a weakened virus. In average, the injection in the national vaccination program uses the Sinovac vaccine which has obtained the halal status of the MUI. Due to the long queue for vaccinations, some were injected in the month of Ramadan in 2021 .

Asrorun Ni’am Soleh, Chair of the MUI for Fatwa, stated that the swab test did not invalidate fasting, neither did vaccinations. This is stated in the MUI Fatwa number 24 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Worship in the Month of Ramadan and Shawwal 1442 Hij riah.

After this MUI Fatwa, all Muslims will be calm when they have to do a swab test, because it will not reduce merits or increase sins. Because this test is guaranteed not to break the fast. Moreover, the swab is done by striking the nose with a device, not putting the medicine into the mouth which automatically invalidates the fast.

In addition, they will want to receive vaccinations because they don’t break their fast. Logically, the vaccine is a liquid that is injected, not a syrup that is taken by mouth. So that automatically it won’t cancel fasting after someone is injected with the covid-19 vaccine. Because fasting is invalidated when someone eats or drinks on purpose.

The side effects of vaccination are also minimal because they do not cause allergies, fever, or excessive bruising. So far, people who have received the injection feel fine. So that after getting the corona vaccine, there is no need to take fever-reducing drugs. Vaccination during Ramadan is allowed and does not burden Muslims.

Even if someone is worried about the side effects of vaccination, which is hunger easily (this happens to a small number of people), then the schedule just needs to be shifted. They do not go to the hospital or clinic during the day, but get the injection at night after tarawih prayers. So that it will be safer, have minimal side effects, and are not afraid of breaking fasts.

Asrorun added, fasting was carried out as a moment to strengthen efforts to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, both physically and mentally. Birth effort is to comply with health protocols when worshiping h. For example, wearing a mask when praying at the mosque, bringing your own prayer mat, performing ablution at home, not shaking hands with other worshipers, etc. Also participate in vaccinations to build herd immunity .

Meanwhile, the inner effort is to pray and worship more solemnly. In a sense, Ramadan is the right moment to be more diligent in praying, reciting the Koran and praying. So that the Covid-19 virus will be eliminated from the face of the earth by Him. So that we can pray quietly in the mosque without fear of a new corona cluster .

With a swab test we can find out whether you have the Covid-19 virus and the results are quite accurate. When doing this test in the fasting month, you don’t have to worry about canceling it. Because it will not affect the reward of fasting. Likewise with the corona rice vaccine , it does not invalidate fasting either.

Corona vaccination must be received by all Indonesian citizens, including Muslims. We don’t have to worry because the vaccine is lawful and will not break the fast. Likewise with the swab test, because it can still continue after the examination.

) * The author is a citizen living in Depok

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