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The Government Fully Supports the Development of Covid-19 Drugs


By: Raavi Pahlevi) *

Corona as a disease that makes us dizzy lately, can finally be eradicated with new drugs. Researchers from Airlangga in collaboration with BIN and BNPB have found several types of drug combinations that are guaranteed to be more effective than old drugs. The government fully supports the development of this drug by giving an injection of funds and also distributing it to many hospitals that treat co-19 patients.

Chloroquine is well-known as a drug that is suitable for treating corona disease. But apparently there are some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and severe dizziness. There are even patients who are allergic to chloroquine. So it must be given another drug to cure it.

Now found a combination of several drugs that are claimed to fight corona malignancy. This drug combination is the result of research by scientists from Airlangga University in Surabaya, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency and the State Intelligence Agency. There are 5 types of drug combinations given to patients, and the dosage is certainly determined by the doctor who handles it.

Combinations of drugs to fight the covid-19 virus include lopinovir / ritonavir with azithromicyne, lopinavir / liponavir with chlaritromycine, lopinovir / ritonavir with doxycyline, hydroxyclorokuin with azithomycine, and hydroxichlorine with doxycycline. The dose of this drug is intentionally reduced to one third, because it is combined with other drugs. This discovery is a new hope for corona patients who are still limp in the isolation room.

Although the results of this study have been announced, the government still does not allow these drugs to be sold to the public. This is to prevent the occurrence of careless purchase of corona drugs on the black market. When this happens, it will certainly be dangerous because it can be misused. Moreover, it turns out it takes at least 10 to 15 years from the start of research on a drug, so it can be sold to the public.

If you are determined to buy it through an online shop abroad, without a doctor’s prescription, then it can be dangerous. Because you don’t know what the dose is. Moreover, this type of drug to treat corona disease, not prevent it. So it’s useless when the body is still healthy but you are determined to drink it. In fact, new problems will arise in the body, as a result of indiscriminate drug consumption.

Dr. Purwati as chairman of the stem cell research and development center at Airlangga University stated that hundreds of drugs have been produced to treat corona. Why were only hundreds produced while the number of patients infected with the covid-19 virus reached tens of thousands? It turns out there is still a phase of clinical trials before the drug is actually officially launched.

Chairperson of the Covid-19 Task Force of the Indonesian Doctors Association, Zubairi Doerban stated that before this combination of drugs is distributed to hospitals appointed by the government, it must be tested directly on corona patients. For the initial stage, there are 1,000 patients given this drug combination in Jakarta. If successful, only gradually to other areas. During clinical trials, of course the government also helps by facilitating bureaucracy and giving it directly to patients for free.

When this clinical trial has been declared successful, a combination of drugs will be immediately distributed to many hospitals. So, patients and their families are expected to be patient in order to get it. The government will also help to distribute it to hospitals appointed to treat co-19 patients.

The government strongly supports research on new drug combinations to treat corona. The laboratory at Airlangga University, Surabaya is a place to find effective new drug combinations to overcome the covid-19 virus. The government also supports the existence of clinical trials of drugs and also streamlines the distribution process to many hospitals.

) * The writer is a Pakuan Bogor University Student

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