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The Role of Millennials to Succeed Government Policies During the Pandemic


By: Dini Arimbi (Chairman of the Tangerang Regional Independent Social Media Activist Forum )

It is time for the millennial generation to show real action to support the government’s efforts to fight the dangerous virus, Covid-19, and participate in maintaining economic stability by buying domestic products, especially MSME products.

President Jokowi in his remarks at the opening ceremony of the UMKM Festival in October 2020 advised that the Millennial generation could be the driving force for MSMEs and the economy during this pandemic . 

The current pandemic situation has not stopped the country from being present in all corners of the country. The government ensures that development must run in all sectors in order to realize equitable social justice for all Indonesian people. The administration of President Joko Widodo – Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin will continue to ensure equitable development in all regions of Indonesia for the realization of an advanced Indonesia.

The government of Joko Widodo-KH Ma’ruf Amin is expected to continue to safeguard the trust of all Indonesian people, while at the same time helping to advance Indonesian youth to become a golden generation that has succeeded in making Indonesia a superpower. Therefore l, the role of millennials and netizens needs to participate in the success of various government policies and programs through literacy and education steps carried out on social media. 

The role of netizens and millennials can help disseminate valid information and creative campaigns to invite people to help each other by buying domestic products, especially MSME products and fighting hoax news .

Together building optimism through positive narratives on social media to support government policies for the betterment of the nation. The Indonesian people will certainly be able to get through difficult situations due to the Covid-19 pandemic and end it with a victory soon , so that Indonesia will recover, excellent human resources, towards an advanced Indonesia! 

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