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TWK KPK employees do not need to be polemic


By: Faldiaz Ceasar) *

When all KPK employees take the National Insight Test (TWK) , there really is no need to be a polemic. Because this test is actually easy, and tests whether someone loves Indonesia and is not involved in a forbidden organization. The KPK is a state institution, therefore when all its employees will be appointed as civil servants, they must conduct a national insight test like other CPNS.

The national insight test became a scene, because all KPK employees had to do it before being appointed as ASN. Maybe the public thinks that this status transfer will happen automatically, but it can’t be like that. If you want to become a civil servant, of course you must comply with the applicable regulations, namely through a national insight test. The goal is that the results are fair .

Professor Nurhasan, Professor of UGM stated that the national insight test should not be a polemic. The reason is because this problem has been resolved and as a result, 94% of KPK employees passed. After this, it will be processed and just distribution to handle the various sub-jurisdictions of the KPK. Both in the field of prevention and enforcement of repressive laws, so that their performance is not disturbed.

In that sense, the KPK is currently focusing on the deployment of employees. If you previously got a high position, then you will be placed in ASN at least in class 4A, and not only 3A because it is not suitable. This arrangement requires concentration because there is a separation based on years of service and level of education, so that the public does not have to mess with it.

If a lot of KPK employees have passed TWK, then the suspicion that certain KPK employees have been prevented is wrong. Due to the fact, more than 75% of employees can take the national insight test. This means that the test material is easy for them to understand and is not making it up, and does not intend to deflate the KPK from within.

Professor Nurhasan continued, the problem of the national insight test did not need to be extended again, because 75 KPK employees who did not pass the test were not fired or forced to retire early. President Jokowi himself guaranteed it, so that their fate is safe. So that justice will be created for all.

When they do not pass the test, as a condition if they want to be appointed as civil servants, they must undergo education and training to increase national insight. There they will get material about Pancasila and nationalism, so that they love their country more to the death.

This training is also intended so that they are not seduced by terrorist organizations, extremists, or banned groups. They will also not want to be persuaded by socialist left-wing groups. The reason is because they are determined and love the Republic of Indonesia, and are aware that these organizations are very dangerous.

With this middle ground, there will be no oddities in the process of changing the status of KPK employees to ASN. Because this process also has a legal umbrella, namely the KPK Law. So changing their status is a state mandate, not the mission of any particular person or high-ranking state official, to get rid of the senior investigators they are against.

In the Corruption Eradication Commission Law also states that even though employees become ASNs, they are still allowed to carry out arrests. So that this change is guaranteed not to make their performance sluggish.

The change in status has also received the blessing of the President, and is not a proposal from the KPK Chair. Also obtained permission from the KPK Supervisory Board. So that all go through official channels, not because of personal grudges.

The national insight test conducted by KPK employees should not be discussed anymore, because the exam has already passed. The examination and appointment processions are also in accordance with the KPK Law. As civilians, we are obliged to support the KPK’s performance, not criticize it.

) * The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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