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Work Creation Law Provides Job Loss Assurance


By: Edi Jatmiko) *

The Job Creation Law provides benefits not only for employers but also for workers. The proof, they are still entitled to severance pay and job loss guarantee (JKP) when sent home by the company. This proves that the government still pays attention to employees who have been laid off.

The high number of unemployed is still a problem in Indonesia. In addition, since the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, a number of employees have been laid off because the factory where they work has closed down. This situation made the little people scream because they lost their place to make a living and were confused about how to meet their daily needs.

The government is trying to overcome this situation by promulgating the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Law, last October. In this law, there is article 46 B paragraph 2 which regulates job loss security (JKP). Furthermore, it will be confirmed through government regulations (PP). So, workers who are laid off will not be confused because they will receive JKP, apart from severance pay.

Deputy Chief Expert III at the Presidential Staff Office, Fadjar Dwi Wisnuwardhani stated that JKP took the form of training and financial assistance for a certain period of time. There is even a possibility that there may be a scheme to accelerate workers to return to work, in the form of access to labor market information. JKP will be administered by BPJS for employment and the central government.

So, job loss insurance is not just giving money to the unemployed. The government tries to keep the unemployed from falling and be given financial assistance to survive. However, JKP was also accompanied by training to improve skills and new job information. So they will immediately get a job and be free from unemployment status.

If there are those who accuse that the JKP assistance is imitating the compensation program provided by the government in several European countries, then they are wrong. Because if what is given to unemployed people is only cash or some kind of BLT, what is given is fish, not a hook. New job training and information programs make a definite differentiator.

It is feared that this kind of cash giving will actually make some people use it and become lazy to look for work. However, if it is accompanied by training, they will get new knowledge. For example, they can open a welding workshop after being trained in how to weld, can open a sewing studio, a catering business and take orders for cakes, etc.

Employees who lose their jobs are no longer confused about finding work but can develop their businesses with skills after attending training. They will move the quadrant from employees to entrepreneurs and enjoy a bigger income. If you become an entrepreneur, you will be independent and no longer dependent on your boss.

In addition, a former employee who turned into an entrepreneur also helps the government to reduce unemployment. Because they recruit a number of employees to help their business. When the number of unemployed decreases drastically, the situation will be more conducive and the percentage of crime will decrease.

Providing information at the job market is also very good for employees who have just lost their jobs. Those who wish to remain a worker can look for a new office that is suitable for their field. There are indeed vacancies on Jobstreet or other sites, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to submit applications to job fairs with greater opportunities.

With the guarantee of job loss, the accusation of a number of parties that the government is only pro-entrepreneurs by formalizing the omnibus law of the Job Creation Law is wrong. Because workers also benefit from the provision of severance pay and compensation at JKP. They also receive information on job vacancies and training to improve skills.

The government tries to be just and prosperous for all its people, including employees. Even though they are forced to lose their jobs, they receive financial assistance within a certain time, through a job loss guarantee program. In addition, they also get new skills and job information on the job market.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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