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Beware of the New Variant of Covid-19 BA.2.75


By: Astrid Widia)*

The Covid-19 subvariant BA.2.75 has now been found in Indonesia. The public is also asked to be more vigilant by implementing strict procedures in their activities.

The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has been going on since the beginning of 2020 and has not been declared over by the WHO. Various ways are done so that this disease is not contagious, and the community is grateful because the vaccine has been found. However, the problem has not been resolved because vaccination coverage in Indonesia is not yet 100% and a new subvariant of the Corona Omicron variant has emerged.

The new subvariant Corona Omicron, named BA2.75, was discovered in India and has already spread to the United States. It is feared that this subvariance will spread to other countries as well. In a sense, a mutated virus is very dangerous because on average it is more virulent and all citizens of the world must be aware of this BA2.75 subvariant.

In this regard, the Indonesian Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin confirmed that the Covid-19 subvariant Omicron Centaurus aka BA.2.75 virus had been detected in Indonesia. Based on data from the Ministry of Health, to date there have been three positive confirmed cases due to this variant. This was conveyed by the Minister of Health on July 18, 2022 through the Presidential Secretariat Youtube.

Director of clinical virology from the Mayo Clinic, Massachutes, United States, Matthew Binicker, expressed concern that the BA2.75 subvariant spreads more quickly and avoids previous infection. It’s too early to draw conclusions. However, in India the transmission has shown an increase.

In a sense, if a person has been infected with Corona, it is possible that he or she can be infected again by the Covid-19 virus, the Omicron subvariant BA 2.75 variant. Therefore, the level of public awareness must be raised so as not to get Corona for the first or second time.

Moreover, the effect of Corona is so powerful because there are people who have recovered but have long been exposed to Covid-19. If you have a long Covid-19, your immune system will be lower. This will be very detrimental because the immunity is weak and can be easily attacked by other viruses and bacteria.

In addition to the BA 2.75 sub-variant, there is another BA.5.2.1 sub-variant. found in China. The case was found in Pudong District, Shanghai City, on July 8, 2022. Shanghai has been under lockdown and people’s mobility is strictly restricted to prevent transmission of this Omicron subvariant.

Deputy Chairman of the DPD (Regional Representative Council) Muhaimin Iskandar stated that the Ministry of Health will coordinate with WHO (World Health Organization) to find out the development of the Omicron subvariant that is developing in a number of countries. The Ministry of Health can obtain valid information from WHO and disseminate it to the public.

Socialization about the latest Omicron subvariance is very important because the public can increase awareness of the results of the Corona mutation. If they understand that the Omicron subvariant is more virulent, they will be more disciplined in maintaining their immune system and complying with health protocols.

Discipline in maintaining health protocols is the key to success in dealing with the ferocity of the pandemic. Indonesians who already know that there is a new Omicron subvariant and understand that this virus continues to mutate, will continue to wear masks when they are outside their homes. They understand that masks are protection from droplets that carry the Covid-19 virus.

To increase community discipline in wearing masks, don’t just do mask raids, because masks can only be worn so you don’t get reprimanded by officers. However, local governments can promote the distribution of masks as they used to at the beginning of the pandemic.

In addition, socialization of health protocols continues, and the effective way is through social media. Influencers and celebrities can be appointed to be ambassadors for health protocols and they have a big influence among netizens. They gave an example that wearing masks is cool and it is also mandatory to wash hands, keep distance, and obey other protocols in health protocols.

In this way, the socialization of health protocols will run successfully and people will be happy to wear masks again. They obey the protocol because they don’t want to get Corona and at the same time follow their idols who are also disciplined in the process.

Muhaimin continued, if there was an official release from the WHO, the government could make a decision. Are there restrictions on visits from countries that have BA2.75 and BA5.2.1 subvariant cases or only tightening at the entrances to Indonesia. Considering that Corona first entered this country through association with foreign nationals.

The government is trying hard so that the Covid-19 virus, the Omicron subvariants, BA2.75 and BA5.2.1, does not enter Indonesia. Tightening at airports, ports, and entrances to Indonesia will be carried out intensively. Foreign tourists must also be cooperative in obeying the rules at the airport, because during the pandemic

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