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Government Accelerates Competency Development of Papuan Human Resources


By : Timothy Gobay )*

The development context is not only about building infrastructure, human resources also need to be built for the progress of a region. For this reason, the government is trying to accelerate the development of human resource competencies in Papua.

Papua is a region in Indonesia that has a wealth of natural resources (SDA), to manage these natural resources, of course competent human resources are needed. So that the government through the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) is boosting human resource development in Papua.

            Ida Fauziyah as Minister of Manpower has launched the transformation of the Sorong job training center (BLK) / BPVP into a competency development center for Papuan sons so they can manage the natural resource wealth and potential of their own region. This was done to accelerate the development of Papuan human resources.

            After long work since 2021, the results of the transformation of the Vocational and Productivity Training Center or BPVP Sorong can now be seen. Special Staff to the Minister of Manpower, Casiwiyono, Rusydie Cakrawangsa, explained that BPVP Sorong is now ready to become a center for Papuan human resource competency development.

            Casiwiyono said the transformation was carried out by the Ministry of Manpower with an agenda of rebranding, institutional reform, training redesign, infrastructure revitalization, increasing training human resources and developing collaboration. It is through this breakthrough that BPVP Sorong can have better governance, training programs that suit the needs of the Papuan job market, adequate training buildings and facilities, competent training human resources and increasingly wider partnerships and work networks.

            Through this transformation, the Ministry of Manpower also redesigned training to suit the local job market and the needs of the local job market and the needs of the Papuan people in various sectors, including the tourism sector as Papua’s strategic sector.

            To support the development of tourism potential, BPVP Sorong develops tourism HR competencies through various vocations, such as hospitality, languages ​​and culinary. It is hoped that this increase in competency will increase competitiveness so that many young Papuans will get jobs with decent salaries.

            Casiwiyono also said that this year the Ministry of Manpower will start building the UPTP Vocational and Productivity Training Center in Jayapura. He also hopes that next year, BPVP will be available in all new provinces, namely South Papua, Central Papua, Mountain Papua and West Papua.

            This step is considered important to equalize access to human resource development as a form of state presence to fulfill the rights of all Papuans to improve their competencies. Apart from that, in order to develop young Papuan talent, the Ministry of Manpower is also building a Talent Corner at BPVP Sorong. Talent Corner itself is a vehicle for developing  future jobs  for young Papuan people.

            Currently, HR has become a keyword in facing various challenges in the dynamic world megatrend. The government views the development of Papuan human resources as a step to accelerate Papua’s development. Accelerating Papua’s development will implement development that is in line with the 2030 sustainable development (SDGs) context.

            On a different occasion, the Deputy Governor of West Papua Province, M Lakotani, at the opening of the Musrenbang in Manokwari, mentioned five development priorities for 2023 in West Papua province, first: accelerating economic development and community empowerment, second: improving the quality of superior human resources and contextual character of West Papua , as well as social protection. The third priority, development in improving the quality of basic infrastructure and connectivity between regions, as well as the quality of regional spatial management, fourth: improving fair and sustainable environmental and natural resource management. Fifth is improving governance and strengthening Special Autonomy governance based on regional stability.

            He also targets that West Papua’s economic growth rate in 2023 will reach 5.5 percent from 0.51 percent in 2021; The HDI in 2023 is targeted at 66.19 points from 65.26 points in 2021. This target is what spurs the government to continue to strive to accelerate the development of Papuan human resource competencies.

            On a different occasion, Former Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla emphasized the issue of human resource (HR) development related to efforts to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. In this way, the Papuan people can manage their natural resources well. He also hopes that the young generation of Papua can study harder so they can know how to manage the abundant natural resources in Papua.

            Of course, investing in human development is the right step, because it is the Papuan people who will build their own civilization. The birth of Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020 shows the government’s commitment to development, with the involvement of all components of the people.

            SDM can be likened to a hook and SDA is likened to a fish, of course it will be difficult to catch bigger fish just with a hook that is usually used to fish for small fish in shallow rivers. If you want to catch big fish in the open sea, of course you need a quality hook that can attract fish.

            Acceleration in developing Papuan human resources is a concrete step for the government to advance Papua. Because with these steps, Papuan human resources can manage abundant natural resources.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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