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IKN Nusantara Improves the Economy of the Surrounding Areas


By : Ashley Salsabila

The transfer of IKN is entering a new phase, no longer at the “discourse” stage but has entered the “realization” stage with steps in various aspects (legal, political, technical, design, etc.) . The decision to move the State Capital (IKN) from Jakarta to East Kalimantan to be proof that Indonesia is capable realize change . The transfer of IKN is part important from transformation , both in the fields environment , way economic base work , technology , field service health and more education quality . More social order _ diversity and tolerance are also expected capable materialized in this IKN .

Deputy Chairperson of the East Kalimantan Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) East Kalimantan Muhammad Samsun , the determination of the National Capital ( IKN ) of the Archipelago, which is currently still part of the North Penajam Paser Regencies (PPU) and Kutai Kartanegara ( Kukar ), has had many positive impacts on East Kalimantan. All parties, he said, must prepare themselves for the transfer. He said that some time ago . According to him d impact The transfer of IKN is of course very broad, both from an economic, educational and other perspective, so the younger generation and East Kalimantan residents generally have to prepare themselves from now on so that they are not unable to compete with other regions .

He continued, moving the capital from Jakarta to Kalimantan, first it will certainly have an impact on increasing the economic sector. Because from IKN it can encourage investment inflows to capture various business opportunities in IKN and its surroundings. Then the agricultural sector will also surely grow because every citizen needs food, drink, clothing, and various other needs, all of which are commodities produced from agriculture or processed products of agricultural derivatives.

For food processed agricultural products such as snacks and various cakes, for example, this will also sell well in the market even though it is not a staple food, because with the large number of IKN residents starting in 2024, various agricultural products will definitely sell well, so for generations who do not have the skills to process various snacks , from now on can learn r. With an increase in population both in the IKN and in its surroundings, this will certainly encourage MSME actors to be creative both in terms of food and craft products. Another thing that will also grow is in terms of education which will certainly increase, including health services which will also increase,” he said .

Embodiment IKN in East Kalimantan also has an impact on one area part East Kalimantan that is Berau District. This is definitely right _ will create an economic cycle in the Berau community will be faster . Beside In addition , natural resources in Berau Regency are quite abundant so that human resources are needed to manage them so that they are beneficial to local communities, can improve the economy and welfare.

The Deputy Chairperson of Commission II of the Berau Regional People’s Legislative Assembly (DPRD) also confirmed the same thing , Wendy Lie Jaya, she said that Berau Regency will definitely get a positive impact from the development of the transfer of IKN in East Kalimantan, one of which is from the development sector. Himself confirm that the people of Berau should not only be spectators, but must also be players in the development of IKN. Society is expected follow share in encouraging economic activity and natural resources as well as human resources owned so they can compete. from sector tourism, Wendy explained, Berau Regency has tremendous tourism potential since it has always been one of the community’s economic strengths, it’s just that it hasn’t been fully managed properly.

Furthermore, we can certainly get a number of positive impacts in moving the National Capital, including , first , of course, the massive opening of employment opportunities in the context of the development process for the National Capital. Second, that this indicates that the state is on the side of equitable development in Indonesia. We are no longer concentrated in the Java section. Third, that economically and demographically, when for example the State Capital moves here, we will experience a very large population surge. We know that the area of East Kalimantan is very large, but is only inhabited by 3 million compared to Java, which has a smaller area but is inhabited by many people, the relocation of the State Capital in East Kalimantan can even out the population density in Indonesia.

Another positive impact , IKN is a new breakthrough in this case is how the government offices become centralized and centralized so that these efforts are carried out as a form of support for environmental restoration in East Kalimantan and we also want this National Capital provide a rapid recovery impact on the environment in the East Kalimantan region and its surroundings

Impact positive that appears on the surface and finally get attention and support from The East Kalimantan Indonesian National Student Movement (GMNI) . Andi Muhammad Akbar as Chair of the East Kalimantan Indonesian National Student Movement (GMNI) explained regarding the readiness of Community and Youth Organizations (OKP) to contribute and oversee the development of the Archipelago’s IKN. this youth organization promised will be ready to oversee the transfer of the State Capital in East Kalimantan by also paying attention to aspects of the welfare of the Indonesian people in general and in particular for Public East Kalimantan .

*) Writer ISBI East Kalimantan .

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