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Traditional Leaders Ask Papuans to Support Apkam Eradicate KST


By : Saby Kossay )* 

The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is getting more brutal, because it has committed a series of crimes that have threatened the lives of other people. The Head of the Biak Tribe wants KST to be eradicated by members of the TNI and Polri, because they are causing suffering to the people. Papuans are also encouraged to support the authorities in their efforts to hunt for KST, so that the Cendrawasih Land is always safe.

Papua is the easternmost region of Indonesia which is famous for exotic tourist attractions such as Raja Ampat and Puncak Jaya Wijaya. However, Papua is also known as a place for KST as a rebel group. It’s a shame if there is a negative image like this, because it can overshadow thousands of other goodness on Earth of Cendrawasih.

KST eradication continues to be carried out to secure the community. Residents’ safety is prioritized because they have been proven repeatedly to carry out attacks. Therefore the eradication of KST is fully supported by tribal chiefs in Papua.

Mananwir Hengky Korwa, Head of the Biak Tribe of West Papua Province stated that KST brutality is not native Papuan culture. The attack they carried out was an inhumane act, and injured Papuans, especially those living in Biak. Therefore he asked residents to support the TNI and Polri in the context of eradicating KST. The public is also asked to remain calm and not be affected by hoax news spread by KST.

In a sense, tribal chiefs in Papua are ashamed of the existence of KST, because it tarnishes the good name of the people of Cendrawasih Land. In fact, indigenous Papuans are good and KST are just people who act violently, and do not reflect the true nature of Papuans.

The tribal chief requested that the TNI and Polri take firm action against the KST because their actions are increasingly endangering Papuans. According to the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri, throughout 2022 there were 55 people who lost their lives due to the KST attack. Therefore, the apparatus was asked to act decisively so that the KST would not escalate. 

KST has caused a lot of suffering to the people and carried out several attacks during 2022. They have killed 3 motorcycle taxi drivers in the Gunung Bintang area. KST also attacked a police convoy in the Yapen Islands, and a civilian who was there died from the group’s gunfire.

Therefore, the civilians in Cendrawasih Earth support the arrest of KST by the TNI and Polri because they are tired of the various terrors perpetrated by the separatist group. Apart from physical terror (which makes you afraid of getting hit by stray bullets) there is also mental terror, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

The community supports the TNI and Polri in efforts to eradicate KST. They are aware that the apparatus is a friend of the people. Therefore the arrival of the security forces is very welcome because the aim is to secure the Papuan people. 

Papuans are aware that the increase in the number of TNI and Polri personnel in Papua is not to change its status to a military operations area, as in Aceh 20 years ago. However, the authorities came to protect the community from the ferocity of the KST attack.

Mananwir Hengky Korwa continued, KST must be eradicated because their terror hinders development in Papua. In a sense, this separatist group is very detrimental, because it not only takes lives, but also harms the people because development in Papua is hampered.

Arresting KST is a mandatory agenda for security forces in Papua, because they also hamper development in Papua. When there was construction of the Trans Papua road, KST attacked project workers. So that the workers must be escorted by the apparatus, so they are safe from KST shots.

Apart from that, the KST also hindered development in the field of education, because they shot teachers and set fire to school buildings. In fact, if there is no education, the future of Papuan children can be bleak. They are clearly wrong because education is very important, so that indigenous Papuans can move forward and become future leaders.

I really can’t understand why KST hinders development? In fact, if there is infrastructure development, it is the people who enjoy the facilities. It’s really strange when they accuse Indonesia of colonizing Papua, because if it colonizes of course there won’t be bridges and highways that are representative.

When a KST member is arrested, that’s a natural thing because they are indeed guilty. The public should not pay attention to accusations from outsiders who say that this is a violation of human rights, because it was KST that violated the human rights of civilians by shooting indiscriminately. If KST kills people then it’s already entered into a case of premeditated murder.

The Head of the Biak Tribe represents the conscience of the Papuan people, who want KST to be immediately eradicated in the Cendrawasih Land. They do not represent Papuan culture and tarnish the good name of indigenous Papuans. The tribal chief also wants residents to fully support members of the TNI, BIN and Polri in the context of eradicating KST, so that the separatist group can be caught and disbanded.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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