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Appreciating the Decline in Terror Actions Throughout 2021


By: Kenia Ayu)*

The public appreciates the reduction in terror acts throughout 2021 as evidence of the synergy between the TNI, Polri, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and the community. However, it is hoped that each party will not be carried away by this fact because until now the spread of radicalism is still happening.

Radicalism and terrorism are dangerous because they can destroy Indonesia. We certainly still remember the tragedy of the Bali Bombings, the Sarinah Bombings, and other bombings carried out by terrorist groups. They commit acts of violence to the point of taking people’s lives, and terrorism is a major crime because it is structured and victims and perpetrators alike can die horribly.

Bombings are the hallmark of attacks from terrorist groups. They went berserk because they asked for the concept of the state to be changed to the caliphate. Even though they did not contribute at all during the colonial era and during the independence era they did not help at all.

There is good news that we have fought terrorism strictly. National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo stated that terrorist attacks in 2021 decreased by more than 50%, when compared to 2022. In a sense, attacks from terrorist groups are increasingly being minimized and there are no tragedies that take up to tens of lives like the Bali bombings.

General Sigit added that the decline in terrorist attacks was due to the anti-terror Detachment 88 taking preventive measures, by arresting terrorists in various regions in Indonesia. In a sense, it is better to prevent than to cure and prevention by catching is much more effective.

Several times there were news of the arrests of suspected terrorists and the public was shocked because they did not expect that those arrested were involved in cases of terrorism and radicalism, such as when a lengajar was arrested for being an administrator of a charity whose funds were used for terrorism activities. Arrest for the security forces is very reasonable because there has been an investigation beforehand and they guarantee that there will be no wrong arrests.

When there are arrests, it is seen that terrorist and radical groups are very clever at disguise and assimilate in society with cunning. So when the arrest, many do not believe. Even though he has committed a major crime by supporting terrorism.

Arrests for the sake of preventing terrorism are indeed permissible. This is not suspicion or paranoia, but a preventive measure for the safety of the Indonesian people carried out by all security stakeholders, including the TNI, Polri, and BIN. If there is an arrest, it is certain that he is guilty and cannot escape, and the public should not defend him because terrorists generally use masks to attract public sympathy.

Precautions are taken for the safety of all. Imagine if the terrorists were left alone. How many buildings will be damaged? If it’s a building then it can be rebuilt but when there are many people in it, it can be life threatening and the victim can’t live anymore.

Therefore, all security forces are increasingly aggressive in taking preventive actions. Apart from doing research on a case by case basis and interrogating suspects, intelligence is also being assisted so that there is enlightenment, how bad is the terrorism network in Indonesia?

An investigation into the linkage of terrorism networks must indeed be carried out since there was a confession from a key witness who stated that Munarman was also involved in the MILF terrorist network in the Philippines. This case continues to be investigated because the group should not become a supplier of bombs and firearms to Indonesian terrorists.

Prevention of terrorism is carried out by the security apparatus for the safety of the people. They must be protected from being exposed to terrorist attacks. Investigations are also ongoing to reveal who is behind the terrorist attacks in Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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