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Countering Radicalism to Realize a Golden Indonesia


By : Rahmat Gunawan *)

Indonesia has entered the era of demographic bonus, which means that the productive age population is more dominant than the non-productive age population. However, radicalism in the demographic bonus era as it is today must be successfully suppressed in order to move towards Golden Indonesia. The demographic bonus with good handling makes Indonesia’s productivity soar at the right moment, 100 years of Indonesia’s independence, 2045.

In line with the author, Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar as the Head of BNPT said that in the future this demographic bonus will determine the sustainability of the country. Human resources are not only required to have good hard skills, but good manners as well. Boy Rafli is also wary of the radical propaganda of terrorism on social media. Radical terrorism groups like to publish violent narratives on social media.

The author argues that the influence of radical terrorism groups is dangerous because with narratives in the name of religion, these groups often get public acceptance.

To anticipate this, BNPT will continue to cooperate with interfaith leaders. Together they will educate and invite the public to be sensitive to the propaganda and invitations made by these radical groups. The author agrees with the steps taken by BNPT because the religious narrative echoed by the radical group justifies violence against fellow human beings, not in accordance with religious rules and state principles. So that cooperation between BNPT and interfaith leaders is the right action.

The author also believes that religion has a very important role to unite the Indonesian nation. In its interpretation, religion must have a moderate view, religion must be used as a source of inspiration, a source of solutions to social problems, a motivation for empowering people and gluing social positions in society. So, religion is needed by the people of Indonesia, because of that religion must be protected and not exploited which can lead to the emergence of radical groups.

The author invites all elements of society to be aware if certain parties invite through violent means because these methods are not compatible with religious values, principles of the nation and state based on Pancasila, legal values ​​and national moral ethics. So that in the future we can welcome Indonesia Gold 2045.

*The author is a contributor to the Mulia Institute

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