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BIN AMN Development Catalyst in Creating a Strong Generation with Diversity Character


The Nusantara Student Dormitory (AMN) is a place to accommodate as well as an arena for fostering future national leaders. AMN is intended to accommodate students from all over Indonesia. The AMN, which is located in Surabaya, has been completed by the government.

One of the functions of AMN is a shared residence for all outstanding students, especially those who are recipients of educational scholarships from various regions who are currently studying in Surabaya and its surroundings.

Construction started in September 2021 last year. Then the completion of the development was completed until May 2022 with a capacity that can accommodate as many as 532 students. Currently AMN Surabaya is inhabited by around 410 students from various universities in Surabaya and its surroundings.

The Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) as the executor of the AMN development, Basuki Hadimuljono during his visit to AMN stated that overall the condition of the dormitory buildings was of good quality.

“The quality of the building is good and the landscape is satisfactory,” he said.

Head of the East Java Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center (BPPW), M Reva Sastrodiningrat said that AMN consists of 2 towers with 5 floors each. To support all the activities of students living in AMN, other supporting facilities have also been prepared. BIN plays a very important role in realizing AMN which is worthy of being used as a means of educating the younger generation with a diversity perspective.

“The dormitory building consists of 2 towers as high as 5 floors. Supporting facilities for student competency development are also being built, such as a library/reading room, shared study room, art room, laboratory, sports field, entrepreneurship development room, and landscapes,” concluded Reva.

Students are an intellectual group for the next generation of the nation. Therefore, appreciation needs to be given to BIN which has synergized with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing and the Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology in taking concrete steps to create a means of educating a generation with an insight into Unity in Diversity for students, through the construction of this Archipelago Student Dormitory.

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN), which is currently led by General Police (Purn) Prof. Dr.Budi Gunawan, became the catalyst for the development of this AMN. Even starting from planning, preparing for development to inauguration, BIN plays an important role so that AMN development is realized as expected. BIN also cooperates with various parties in providing guidance to student residents of AMN in creating a strong and archipelago-oriented young generation.

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN), which is currently headed by Police General Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, S.H., M.Sc. is a state institution that has a role as the front line in the field of intelligence.
BIN is tasked with maintaining national security and defense, in order to ensure the success of national development. So that it is appropriate to be involved in the youth development program as a form of complete human development in preparing a generation of young people who are strong and insightful into the Pancasila and archipelago characters.

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