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Complete Vaccination Reducing Long Covid Risk


By: Astrid Widia )*

The government continues to intensify vaccination programs in various regions in Indonesia. The public is also advised to take part in a complete vaccination program that is effective in reducing the risk of long-term Covid-19.

Vaccination is something that must be done during a pandemic, because it can strengthen the body’s resistance from Corona. In addition, if the majority of Indonesia’s population has been vaccinated, group immunity will be formed so that the pandemic condition can be ended. People are aware that vaccines are very important, no wonder they are orderly to be vaccinated in hospitals or health centers.

Vaccines are needed by the body not only once but up to 2 times, and the distance between injections is 6 months. If more then it must be re-injected to get back its efficacy. After that, there is a third vaccine, aka booster, which is perfected, so that the immune system will be stronger. It has just been said that it is complete and we are ready to survive during the pandemic, of course by complying with health protocols.

In addition to avoiding Corona, complete vaccination also reduces the risk of long Covid. Complete vaccination can reduce the risk of long Covid because humans have a stronger immune system if they have been injected with the vaccine twice. Let’s get vaccinated because it’s still free and 100% halal.

A study from the British Health Security Agency found that people who had been fully vaccinated (2 doses) were less likely to experience long Covid aka prolonged Corona symptoms. Long Covid is a condition where the body feels sick and has symptoms, even though it has been declared negative. When you are sick, you feel confused, you have to take medicine or get enough rest and take supplements. Therefore, the vaccine is better than suffering from long Covid.

The effects of a long Covid-19 can last from a week to months. Symptoms include easy fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, joint pain, insomnia, tingling, earache, and diarrhea. You certainly don’t want to get long Covid and be infected with Corona, right? How bad it is when the body is stretched for a long time, therefore don’t forget vaccines and stay disciplined in health protocols.

Humans who are vaccinated are healthy, but when they have comorbidities and their immune system is down, and they are negligent in health protocols, they can get Corona. Don’t say that vaccines are useless because vaccines still work to protect the body. When you are sick with Corona, the risk of death will not occur because your body’s immunity is higher.

It is possible that those who have been vaccinated become infected with the Covid-19 virus when they forget and lower their masks in public places. However, even though they are infected with Corona, people who have been vaccinated will recover faster and have only mild symptoms. Among them rarely have anosmia and do not have severe shortness of breath, and only 30% have high fever.

Don’t take the risk of getting Corona with severe symptoms and then getting long Covid-19, because it definitely doesn’t taste good. When you want to sleep, you have difficulty and your joints feel very stiff. Don’t refuse the vaccine because if you get Corona, the biggest risk is death. The pandemic does take its toll, but keep this life from being uprooted by angels, with vaccines and disciplined health protocols.

Complete vaccinations (up to 2 times) and boosters can reduce the risk of long Covid. The body will be healthier and stronger, and when you get Corona, you only have mild symptoms. Get the vaccine immediately if you haven’t got it, because vaccines protect themselves during a pandemic.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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