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Inclusive Access to Work and Empowerment, PYCH is Ready to be Inaugurated by Jokowi


Papua – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) together with Head of the State Intelligence Agency (KaBIN) Budi Gunawan are scheduled to inaugurate the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) soon in March 2023.

PYCH was founded on the initiative of Inspiring Young Papuans (PMI), a collaborative movement of Papuan youths assisted by BIN. PYCH was built to facilitate young Papuans who have interests and talents in art, culture, technology and innovation to develop their potential.

According to PMI Management, Kevin Baldwin Aburyaan, PYCH is the right place for young Papuans to develop their creativity and talents, and prepare themselves to face future challenges.

“PYCH provides inclusive access for young Papuans to work and be empowered, so that they can contribute to the progress of Papua and Indonesia,” said Kevin.

PYCH is also a center for creativity and innovation developed to provide inclusive access for young Papuans to work and be empowered.

Meanwhile, Project Manager for PMI’s Creative Industries, Aksamina Woisiri introduced the PYCH development initiative as a form of government support to develop the potential of young Papuans in the fields of creativity and innovation.

“PYCH is an ideal place for young Papuans to develop their creative and innovative potential, and prepare themselves to compete in an increasingly complex digital era,” said Aksamina.

It is hoped that with PYCH, young Papuans can more easily access the facilities and training needed to develop their talents. In addition, PYCH is also expected to become a center for creativity and innovation that can inspire young Papuans to contribute to the progress of the nation and state.

For information, PYCH is located on Jalan Poros Abepura or about 11 km from the center of Jayapura City. PYCH provides complete facilities such as creative space, music studio, recording studio, film studio, presentation room, library, and fast and stable internet access. In addition, PYCH also offers various training and mentoring programs from experts and practitioners in their fields.

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