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Kyai Marsudi Syuhud: Calm Attitude Becomes Capital for Maintaining Peace in the Political Year


Jakarta – Elections and political years have always been a challenging time for the Indonesian nation, because these situations have the potential to trigger conflicts and divisions between groups in society. Therefore, maintaining the unity and integrity of the nation is very important to maintain peace in the midst of a heated political situation.

This was emphasized by the Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Kyai Marsudi Syuhud, in a television program held in Jakarta on Friday (24/2). Kyai Marsudi Syuhud stated that the political year has its own characteristics, so when taking a political position it will form various situations. Election rituals are also expected to become ordinary rituals so that people are encouraged to remain calm and respond normally, especially if they threaten the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The goal of politics is to compose plans for the next five years. The second is to unite, if the people of the nation have been united then they must work together and reduce noise. Therefore, the election is expected to run safely and comfortably,” said Kyai Marsudi Syuhud.

Kyai Marsudi Syuhud added that the essence of politics is about how to unite, not to separate.

“For example, in a place of worship, there are different backgrounds, everyone can enter the mosque. Mosques or churches are expected to unite people of all backgrounds, not divide them. Don’t let going home from the mosque break the harmony together,” said Kyai Marsudi Syuhud.

His party also revealed that currently when a few sentences appear, the community is easily triggered to be divided which in the end creates hostility.

“This is not repeated. Especially if in the future there are statements that are not in fact so. Indonesian people must be vigilant and look at their backgrounds and we must understand that differences are part of the diversity of our nation. Therefore, we must be able to maintain inter-religious harmony and respect the differences that exist,” he added.

Kyai Marsudi Syuhud also stressed that as religious people, we must show tolerance and avoid actions that could damage the unity and integrity of the nation.

“As religious people, we must show tolerance and mutual respect. We must avoid all forms of action that can undermine the unity and integrity of the nation, be it in the form of hate speech, acts of intolerance, or acts of violence,” said Kyai Marsudi Syuhud.

Regarding the statement by the Chairperson of the PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri some time ago, Kyai Marsudi Syuhud believes that when someone talks about a statement or recites it, the one who understands it is the person expressing it.

“Well, if there are other people who respond to that statement, maybe there is something right, maybe there is something wrong. Because for people who respond, it is something that is roughly, in the form of their own interpretation. That interpretation can be right or wrong. Therefore, there is a context called tabayun, because of course Mrs. Megawati does not mean it like that. We must be humble and calm in order to maintain peace and unity, “he explained.

On the same occasion, University of Indonesia Political Communication Expert, Dr. Aditya Perdana stated that in this digital era it is not easy because in any way his statement will be cut into pieces according to the interests of the group which will then go viral. This certainly has a purpose because it will spread.

“All parties will probably justify any means in winning the battle during the election. Therefore need to be reminded. Besides that, when there is hoax news, the public needs confidence to always be careful and strengthen digital literacy, including filtering before sharing. Because internet penetration is great and we have to be aware of that, especially regarding issues of ethnicity, religion and preferably, this needs to be limited,” concluded Aditya.

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