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Spectacular, STIN BIN Wins Dramatically Defeating Bhayangkara in the 2023 Proliga Final Four


Gresik – The 2023 Proliga Final Four match which was held at the Tri Dharma Petrokimia Gresik Sports Hall, East Java, Thursday (23/2/2023) evening, produced a very dramatic match. Jakarta men’s volleyball team STIN BIN managed to beat Bhayangkara Presisi in a thrilling match with a final score of 3-2.

This match was very tight from the start. The two teams took turns leading each set. STIN BIN almost lost when in the deciding or fifth set they trailed 11-14. But Bhayangkara Presisi failed to take advantage of the situation and made a mistake so STIN BIN was able to win four consecutive points to reverse the score to 15-14 in the first match of the 2023 Proliga Final Four.

Bhayangkara Presisi evened the score 15-15 through Randy Tamamilang’s smash, then STIN BIN added two consecutive points to ensure a 17-15 win through Dimas Saputra’s action.

Jakarta Assistant Coach STIN BIN Agoes Jumaidi feels lucky for this victory.

“This is called lucky, luck. Already behind and on the verge of losing, but turned the situation around and won. Luckily the opponent also made mistakes and we were able to catch up to win the match,” he said after the match.

This very dramatic match was witnessed by thousands of spectators who attended and STIN BIN managed to show his winning mentality and was able to beat his very tough opponent.

On the same occasion, Jakarta STIN BIN player Farhan Halim didn’t think his team could win when the situation was actually on the edge and almost lost.

“Yes, if it’s the fifth set and you’re left behind by a number like that, we can only give up. However, luck turned out to be on our side,” said the national team player.

STIN BIN’s dramatic victory over Bhayangkara Presisi will be a fond memory for volleyball fans in Indonesia. Hopefully, in the next match, STIN BIN will be able to repeat its success and win the 2023 Proliga title.

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