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Dramatic Win, Jakarta STIN BIN Successfully Smashes Bhayangkara Precision in the 2023 Proliga Match


Jakarta – The Men’s Volleyball Team managed to defeat the Presisi Bhayangkara Team in a dramatic match with a final score of 3-2. This dramatic match was part of the 2023 Proliga Final Four Match which was held at the Tri Dharma Petrokimia Gresik Sports Hall, East Java, Thursday (23/2/2023) evening.

The Jakarta STIN BIN men’s volleyball match against the Bhayangkara Presisi Team was very fierce because the two teams took turns winning every set they played. The Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi team failed to take advantage of their 11-14 advantage in the fifth set as the deciding round. Jakarta STIN BIN through Dimas Saputra managed to take advantage of this condition because they managed to score four points in a row. At the end of the match, Jakarta STIN BIN managed to win with a final score of 17 – 15.

Jakarta STIN BIN Assistant Coach Agoes Jumaidi said that the victory was the result of a winning mentality that was instilled by not giving up easily until the end of the match.

“Already behind and on the verge of losing, but turned the situation around and won. Luckily the opponent also made mistakes and we were able to catch up to win the match, “said Agoes after the match.

The victory in the first series of the 2023 Proliga Final Four at the Tri Dharma Petrokimia Gresik Sports Hall cannot be separated from the central role of the BIN Sports Association (PORBIN). Responding to this, General Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan is committed to continuing to pay special attention to developing talent in the field of sports.

“On this very proud occasion, the State Intelligence Agency has also begun to pay special attention to BIN personnel, cadets and cadets who have talent in sports. To be able to continue to improve achievements at the national level, as a form of appreciation for the contribution of athletes, we formed the BIN sports union which has 8 sports,” said Budi Gunawan.

PORBIN is truly committed to developing Indonesian sports by having athletes and professional trainers. All of this is in order to develop an ecosystem for sports achievements in the country.

“All sports coaching developed within BIN already has professional athletes and coaches. We raise the potential of the best athletes and coaches at the national level to be involved in creating an achievement development ecosystem so that the potential of the best talents in this institution can be developed, especially among STIN cadets and juniors,” said Budi Gunawan.

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