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Beware of Corona Virus Mutations from India


By: Dodik Prasetyo ) *

The corona virus that has mutated in India has entered Indonesia. The public is asked to be more vigilant, because they should not be exposed to this type of virus which is much more virulent. Maintain immunity, hygiene and adhere to health protocols. The goal is that we are not exposed to the Covid-19 virus from any variant.

When the pandemic was not over, news emerged of the double mutation of the corona virus in India, after the ritual ceremony of bathing together in the Ganges river that did not comply with health protocols , the victims died. Multiple mutations make this virus much more contagious. The increase in the number of covid patients in the Hindustan country has made it dubbed the corona tsunami, because of the large number of patients.

According to doctor Dyah Novita Anggraini, multiple mutations occur because there are 2 mutations at once in 2 different places, in the same virus. These multiple mutations, named E48Q and L452R, occur in a major area of the viral spike protein . Whereas spike protein is a chart of viruses that are tasked with attacking the human body, so this type of virus is more dangerous than ordinary corona.

The bad news is, this mutation of the corona virus has arrived in Indonesia, because there are Indian citizens who have already entered via the airport. Even though they have been deported, it is possible that this virus mutation could spread. Moreover, the airport situation is busy and when someone is negligent they don’t wear a mask, they can catch it.

The mutation of the corona virus is claimed to be more dangerous because it is 2 times more contagious, no wonder it is called a double mutation. Doctor S Chandra explained that the symptoms if you are exposed to this type of Covid-19 virus are diarrhea, bluish hands and feet, rash, stomach ache, and brain fog . So when you develop any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

Don’t even be afraid to go to the hospital for fear of contracting the corona. In fact, after meeting a doctor and being tested for swabs, we can find out whether we have the Covid-19 virus (from any variant). If it is only self-isolating, it will be less than optimal, because it does not take drugs that can suppress the spread of the virus throughout the body.

Treatment of the mutated corona virus must be done immediately, because it acts much more viciously and causes death. Moreover, this virus is not detected in the PCR test, it must be an antigen swab test which results are more accurate. It is better for you to sacrifice more money to take a swab test, than to suffer from this new type of corona.

This time we really took the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’. Never forget health protocols such as diligently washing your hands or spraying with a hand sanitizer , keeping a minimum distance of 2 meters, and wearing a mask. Buy several dozen disposable masks at once, if you don’t have time to wash cloth masks.

This mask can also be taken during a trip , so that when there are friends or other people who are not wearing a mask, you can offer one to them. With this simple gift, you have tried to break the chain of spreading corona. Because according to doctor Reisa Brotoasmoro, the effectiveness of wearing masks only occurred when at least 75% of people in 1 place wore masks.

In addition, keep your body and environment hygienic, both inside and outside the home. Immunity must also be increased by consuming mineral water (keep 8 glasses a day even during the fasting month), eating fruits and vegetables, and exercising lightly at least once a week.

We must further improve immunity and discipline in adhering to health protocols, because mutations of the corona virus from India have entered Indonesia. don’t loosen up a bit and forget about the mask, even though you have been injected with the corona vaccine. Remember that the pandemic is not over and prevention is better than cure.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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