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Dismissal of KPK members with respect is appropriate


By: Ahmad Kurniawan ) *

Some KPK members who do not pass the national insight test will be honorably terminated. Hopefully this decision is appreciated because they do have a red report card, and are not in accordance with KPK standards. There should be no more polemics related to TWK because currently it is only waiting for the inauguration period to become ASN.

When KPK employees are to be appointed as state civil servants, they are required to undergo a national insight test, and the result is that 75 people did not pass. The reason is that they fail to answer questions correctly, in the form of material about SARA, racism in Indonesia, diversity, terrorism, banned organizations and separatism, etc.

Alexander Marwata, Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), stated that of the 75 KPK employees who did not qualify, 51 people would be dismissed with respect. But who will be laid off may still continue its work until 1 N ovember 2021, although the appointment of another employee so Apparatus officially the State Civil pad a date of 1 June 2021.

This decision immediately made the public excited because a KPK employee was sent home after taking a national insight test. However, Alexander Marwata argued that the dismissal of these employees had gone through a long civil process . Because of the 51 people it is likened to have a red report card.

It is hoped that the public will not protest against this decision, because KPK officials also considered it carefully, not emotionally. Decisions taken are collective, not just coercing an opinion from one person from the high ranks of the KPK. So there cannot be a certain mode, to get rid of 1 of the 51 people, for personal revenge.

Moreover, if it is seen from the statistics, there are more than 1,000 KPK employees who took the national awareness test . Meanwhile, 75 people did not pass the test, meaning less than 10%. This indicates that the national insight test is actually easy to do and the assessment is really fair . Moreover, the making of tests is not only from the KPK but also from other state institutions.

If you want to tackle many KPK employees, the national insight test can be made as difficult as possible. However, the proof is not, because only 75 people did not pass TWK. This means that only a small number of employees are wrong and it has not been announced who did not qualify.

Of the 75 KPK employees and screened to become 51 people who will be sent home, they must accept this decision. In a sense, if maintained, these employees will be a little troublesome, because they do not pass the national insight test with a fairly low score. Even though this test material has actually been widely circulated because it is a mandatory test for candidates for CPNS at the Ministry or other institutions.

Imagine if they continue to be appointed as civil servants, what will they become? In fact, you can take advantage of rank and position for certain purposes. If it is true that they have close relations with terrorist groups, they will influence their subordinates or use their allowances to support banned organizations.

This is not negative thinking , but isn’t it better to prevent than to cure? Instead of having problems later when appointed ASN, it is better for them to be dismissed with respect. The KPK is still grateful for their performance so far and hopefully they will realize why they did not pass TWK.

Meanwhile, 24 other people (out of 75 people who did not pass TWK) will receive guidance with service and national insight. They still get a dispensation, because the score is short of the minimum pass. Hopefully, after their cultivation, they will become civil servants with integrity and have a high sense of nationalism.

The dismissal of some KPK members who did not pass the national insight test was correct, because they did have low scores. It is better if this issue does not need to be discussed again, because soon another KPK employee will be appointed as ASN. We are better off focusing on the future, on the plan to eradicate corruption, rather than dealing with the TWK polemic.

) * The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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