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Don’t be euphoric, the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing


By: Agung Wicaksono )*
In recent days, the number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia is decreasing. However, the public is reminded not to be trapped in euphoria, because the reality is that we are still in a pandemic period. Stay disciplined in obeying health protocols and don’t take your masks off carelessly.
The pandemic that has been passed for almost 2 years is like an endless nightmare, but in recent times there has been positive progress so that we are optimistic that we can be Corona-free as soon as possible. This is because the number of Covid patients has fallen drastically. If last month there were still 30,000 patients per day, then later it dropped to ‘only’ 4,000 patients per day.
The decline in Corona patients is very grateful because it can be reduced to almost 10% of the initial number. However, President Jokowi advised us not to be complacent, because currently it is still a pandemic period. Don’t be careless about the spread of Corona, even though Covid cases are sloping because of PPKM and the national vaccination program.
President Jokowi added that although there is a positive trend in Covid cases and the number of recovered patients is increasing, don’t be overly optimistic and complacent. The reason is because efforts to suppress active cases of Corona must continue to be carried out. So everyone must remain disciplined in implementing health protocols.
Euphoria must be eliminated because do not let your guard down in the slightest. When the Covid case decreases, it doesn’t mean that you can take off your mask and violate various points in the health protocol, because the virus can spread when you don’t wear a mask. Moreover, what is currently circulating is the Corona delta variant which can be transmitted when in close proximity to OTG. So the process must be adhered to with discipline.
Health protocols continue to be promoted and refined by the government, not only 3M or 5M but 10M. The main thing is to wear a mask and unfortunately lately some people have started to refuse to wear it, for various reasons. There are also those who wear it but are often removed or the position is not right (does not cover the nose).
Even though the use of masks that do not fit properly are not effective at all to prevent the entry of droplets that carry the Covid-19 virus. So we are still obliged to wear masks, even if we only buy sugar at a neighboring shop. In fact, WHO recommends wearing a double mask (medical mask and cloth mask) to maximize filtration and prevent droplets from entering the respiratory organs.
In addition to wearing masks, another point in health protocols that is often violated is to keep a distance and avoid crowds. Especially in the busy months for weddings, such as after Eid, after Eid al-Adha, and the end of the year. Getting married is not prohibited but what should not be a massive reception, because the maximum number of guests is 35 people. And even then, they must obey procedures such as wearing masks and giving food to take home.
Another point in the process that is still being violated is reducing mobility. There are still those who are desperate to travel and break through barriers, and they use special tricks. Namely traveling at the border when officers are changing shifts or before dawn. When you come home from traveling and get Corona, don’t you cry because you’re sorry?
Therefore, we still have to remember the message from President Jokowi to be vigilant and not to get carried away with euphoria. It’s still a pandemic and don’t underestimate health protocols. The reason is because only with prokes and vaccinations, we can survive the threat of Corona.
Remember that health protocols are not shackles, but a way to prevent all of us from contracting the Covid-19 virus. Stay healthy by eating healthy foods and exercising diligently even at home. Don’t be careless and take off your mask carelessly.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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