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The International Community Supports the Implementation of XX Papua PON


By: Moses Walker )*
PON XX Papua is a competition held in Indonesia that is not only awaited by the domestic public, but also by the international community. Apart from being a prestigious competition that reflects the spirit of sport, PON XX is a symbol of Indonesia’s integrity over Papua.
PON XX will be held in October 2021 in Papua. All the people of Cendrawasih Earth are proud because there is a national level competition that was held there for the first time. In addition, the Indonesian people are also happy because the XX PON has finally been held, after being postponed for a year due to the Covid pandemic.
Preparations for PON XX are almost 100%, both in terms of venues, athletes’ homestays, and committees. They have also been vaccinated so they are safe from Corona and do not create new clusters. PON XX is a means of proving that indigenous Papuans (OAP) can also be a national-class event committee. Many are also waiting for the opening of PON XX because they are enthusiastic about this competition.
Not only Indonesian people but also international netizens are waiting for the opening of PON XX. They like to watch PON out of curiosity, what will the opening ceremony be like? Considering that in 2018 there was a spectacular opening of the ASEAN Games in Jakarta, so they also hope that the opening ceremony of PON XX is no less beautiful.
The international community is waiting for the opening of PON XX because they believe that the committee will organize it well. In addition to entertainment from native Papuan singers, they are also waiting for the action of dancers who perform traditional-contemporary dances, to show the culture on Earth of Cendrawasih that is still being preserved. Entertainment is not just entertainment but also contains cultural educational value.
In addition, international netizens can’t wait to watch live streaming when PON XX is held, because they are already thirsty for good quality sporting events. During the pandemic, sports competitions were rarely held, the last time that was broadcast was the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. So that PON XX will treat the longing of the gibol (ball enthusiast) and supporters of other sports.
Organizing an event in the midst of a pandemic does cost more, because you have to keep your distance and need a very large sponsor for sanitation, health care, etc. However, PON XX is still being carried out and will not be postponed anymore because there is already anticipation of the formation of a new cluster. So that the international community believes that this event will be very safe and there will be no Corona transmission.
International netizens also support and continue to wait for the opening of PON XX because sports competitions are not just entertainment, but teach many things. First, sports competitions teach fair play and no cheating in any sport. In real life, we really have to be honest and we shouldn’t be lazy, because we destroy ourselves.
In addition, sports competitions teach about sportsmanship, which does not only apply on the gridiron or other PON arenas, but also in real life. We must be sporty in running our business and other jobs, so that people will respect us. Work also becomes smooth because someone who is sporty will get great respect and honor from colleagues and other people.
The international community is waiting for PON XX and is very enthusiastic, because they are hungry for entertainment for quality sports competitions. PON XX is an event that is missed because during the pandemic, many are stressed because staying at home and watching sporting events is one of the stress releases. PON XX is a pride, not only for the people of Papua, but also for the whole of Indonesia.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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