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Dr Suriyanto Invites People to Socialize Healthy and Ethical Social Media


JAKARTA – The government’s plan to revise the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions or the ITE Law received a positive response from Dr. Suriyanto. The acadamisi who received a doctorate from the Faculty of Law, Jayabaya University, Jakarta, assessed that revisions must be made.

According to Suriyanto, although the law does not limit freedom of opinion and threatens democracy. However, a number of problematic articles were asked to be revoked and revised.

“My legal opinion is that the ITE Law is not dangerous but it is biased which ultimately targets the mass media, the freedom of expression guaranteed by the law. Therefore, I agree that Article 27 paragraph (3) and Article 28 must be removed from the Law, ”he said in a Virtula Talkshow with the theme“ ITE Bill: Healthy and Ethical Education ”initiated by ICF and SMI, Friday (26/3/2021) .

The General Chairperson of PWRI emphasized that article 27 paragraph (3) of the ITE Law is a limitation on human rights to convey information so that its implementation does not violate the human rights of others. However, the norms of Article 27 paragraph (3) have multiple interpretations resulting in legal uncertainty in their application.

“Historically, the law is during the era of President SBY. In the global order which was then entered into Indonesia, where electronic commerce was carried out, but over time the emergence of online media, social media became a target, “he explained.
Suriyanto invites all levels of society to use social media to be more friendly and healthier. “My message is to socialize it to the closest relatives of our brothers and sisters about the use of friendly and healthy social media in the community,” he explained.
Public policy and social media observer, Syaiful alias Bedjo added that the large number of hoaxes circulating on social media in society is because social media is not limited by time and space.
“So there needs to be strict supervision from the relevant agencies, for example if I may suggest a social media ethics board be made,” said Bedjo.
Mafindo’s checker fact, Muhammad Khairil, said that the existence of the ITE Law was not only targeting the mass media or the press but also fact checkers.
“The latest case is a fact checker from liputan6.com who is not only doxed but threatened to be killed by netizens. This is proof that the revision of the ITE Law is very much needed, especially the articles that hinder the healthy and ethical work of media friends and social media activists, “he said.

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