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G20 Summit Drives Indonesia’s Economic Transformation


By: Anggi Tiara)*

The Group of Twenty Summit (G20 Summit) is a grand event that will be held in Indonesia in 2022. There are many benefits from holding the G20 Summit, including encouraging Indonesia’s economic transformation.

Indonesia received a great honor when it became the G20 presidency, because it was the first time that a developing country was trusted to host. This trust is answered by planning the event as well as possible and in accordance with health protocols. There are several benefits of the G20 presidency, among them economic transformation.

In 2022, the theme of the G20 Summit is recover together, recover stronger. In this case, what is being improved is the effect of the pandemic, especially in the economic field. G20 members work together so that they are no longer affected by the global pandemic.

The G20 Summit also encourages economic transformation, and the digital economy is indeed booming. The economic sector is transformed and assisted by technology so that it is increasingly advanced. So that each member of the G20 experiences the same financial progress.

Economic transformation, from online transactions to digital currency, is taking place in Indonesia and becoming a model for other G20 member countries. Indonesia should be proud because online business is booming and is being followed by other countries. We even have the ITE Law and cyber police as protection in cyberspace.

Economic transformation is indeed needed because it is very suitable during the pandemic, where many people reduce their stay at home, so they shop online. If other countries do not keep up with the times, it will be difficult because human movement is very limited during the pandemic.

After the online shop boom, they began to penetrate the international market. At the G20 forum, President Jokowi has audiences with many heads of state, so they can lobby for smooth exports. There will be many countries that open themselves to products from Indonesia because they believe in its quality.

The G20 countries believe in the quality of products from Indonesia because they have tried it themselves during the forum. In addition, only MSME entrepreneurs and other traders who have official business licenses can export their products. So that business people are serious and not just stupid. They are increasingly gaining the trust of netizens around the world.

Netizens from the United States and other members of the G20 know about Indonesian products because entrepreneurs in this country are able to use the internet to promote anywhere. Starting from the website, email, to social media, all are used to make their products viral.

Bilateral cooperation is also held to facilitate the economic transformation of Indonesia. Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartanto has met with a delegation from the UK to discuss cooperation in agriculture and forestry. This cooperation is important because it is mutually beneficial and can advance the financial returns of both countries.

There is a lot of agricultural potential in Indonesia that can be exported to the UK and other countries, such as coffee, instant noodles, etc. Even instant noodles from Indonesia are widely liked by people abroad, not just the diaspora. All this thanks to the viral promotion via the internet. It is not impossible if other products can also go viral abroad.

Economic transformation is an indicator of progress, because we can’t trade traditionally like we used to. In the era of information technology, everything must be online.

At the G20 Summit which will be held in Bali at the end of 2022, one of the benefits is an economic transformation. The economy is transforming in the digital era to be more advanced, while minimizing human contact in the pandemic era.

)* The author is a student majoring in political science UNJ

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