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Health Protocol and Vaccinations are Effective in Preventing the Third Wave of Corona


By : Sentiaji Suroso )*

Predictions of the emergence of the third wave of Corona attacks have appeared. To avoid this, we must continue to obey health protocols and follow the vaccinations that have been provided by the Government.

The pandemic doesn’t know when it will end, and we have been stuck in this terrible situation for almost 2 years. However, one must remain optimistic that this nightmare will end soon, because the Corona vaccine has been found. If at least 75% of the population is injected with the Corona vaccine, it can form group immunity and the pandemic status can be ended.

Vaccination is indeed important as protection, because if it has been injected it will have a stronger immune system. Do not be picky vaccine brands, because all have high effectiveness. If there is an opportunity for a vaccine, then take it immediately, because vaccination is also protection before the emergence of the third wave of Corona.

Epidemiologist from Griffith University Dicky Budiman stated that there is an estimate of a third Corona attack, at the end of 2021. In that sense, don’t be calm when there is a decline in Covid cases, because there could be another spike. It is usually on a sloping curve can suddenly rise.

The rise of Corona cases has been predicted by epidemiologists because there is an easing of the PPKM, and unfortunately this is misused by the community. They begin to carry out high mobility, and when they do not comply with health protocols, they can potentially get Corona. Even though only 1 person is infected with the Covid-19 virus, it is very dangerous, because it can transmit it to all family members.

Therefore we must be vaccinated to be protected from Corona and hopefully the prediction of the third wave of attacks is only on paper. If everyone is orderly and wants to be vaccinated, the transmission will decrease, and we will slowly move towards a time free from the threat of the Covid-19 virus. Vaccines have been made free by the government, and many organizers even give gift packages containing basic necessities or other items.

To avoid the third wave of Corona, it is also mandatory to obey the 10M health protocol. A safe situation does not mean that we are complacent and reluctant to wear masks. Masks are still mandatory, even since the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus, they must wear double masks (which are disposable and covered with cloth masks), to strengthen filtration.

Don’t forget to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, especially if you work outdoors. To strengthen protection, you can use gloves, and wash them immediately after the work shift is finished. When you get home, you can immediately wash your hands, and take a shower, wash your hair, and change your clothes, because the Covid-19 virus lands in a dirty place.

Keeping your distance and avoiding crowds are also very important points of prokes, and don’t make an event in advance, even if only large families are invited. remember that during a pandemic everyone has the potential to become OTG, so it’s better to protect yourself and your nuclear family at home.

Also obey the points in other prokes such as increasing immunity, keeping the environment clean, and maintaining the immune system. Accompany also with a healthy lifestyle, eat 4 healthy 5 perfect and consume lots of vegetables, fresh fruit, and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

To anticipate the third wave of Corona, there is no need to panic, but increase immunity and obey the 10M health protocol. Never forget to wear a mask, wash your hands, and obey other prokes points. Vaccination is also mandatory, so that the body’s immune system increases and is not easily attacked by the Covid-19 virus.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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