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Komunikonten Executive Director Hariqo Wibowo Launches #SukseskanKTTG20 Movement Invites People to Succeed Indonesia’s Presidency


In order to increase public understanding regarding priority issues that will be discussed at the summit of world leaders, 15-16 November at the 2022 G20 Summit and support the implementation of the G20 Presidency in Indonesia.

Hariqo Wibawa Satria, Executive Director of the Communications and Social Media Institute, launched a movement on social media with the hashtag #SukseskanKTTG20.

This movement is to support and socialize the G20 Summit Presidency.

“Let’s make the G20 Summit a success by using the hashtag #Success KTTG20, everyone can do it by including their aspirations and hopes in this historic activity,” Hariqo said.

Hariqo acknowledged the need to convey to the public that the meaning of Indonesia is the G20 Presidency in simple language, which means that Indonesia is the host of the conference of developed countries.

“Everyone, every family has been a host, so the phrase “host” is more down to earth. The advantages of the host apart from the economic impact, tourism will also later all important decisions at the G20 Summit will include the name of Indonesia,” explained Hariqo.

With simple language, Hariqo believes that the G20 narrative can be easily understood by the public.

Meanwhile, one of the economic sectors that was most affected by the benefits was the implementation of the G20 Summit in Indonesia.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said that the G20 Forum that will be held later can bring hope as well as navigation when a crisis occurs.  

“We believe the G20 can be a very positive signal of hope, especially in times of crisis. That belief is based on historical facts when the G20 was able to overcome the global financial crisis,” said Sri Mulyani.

The Minister of Finance said that as the host, Indonesia will continue to strive to transmit the spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and mutual consensus that is beneficial. “We are doing this in order to find solutions to overcome global issues in the context of a multilateral spirit,” he said.

He hopes that various elements of society will continue to support the government as the G20 presidency because there will be many benefits that will be achieved and have an impact on society.

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