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Lifestyle Adaptation Effective Solutions Amid the Increase in Pertamax Prices


The increase in the price of Pertamax, of course, surprised many parties, not a few people were restless as a result of the increase in the price of fuel oil (BBM). Therefore, it is necessary to adapt a lifestyle as an effective solution in the midst of rising fuel prices.

The increase in fuel itself has been officially declared on April 1, 2022, the increase in fuel prices to reach USD 100 per barrel is apparently caused by the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

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In response to this, the Head of the State Intelligence Agency (KABIN) General (Ret.) Budi Gunawan said that the increase in fuel prices could certainly squeeze households in Indonesia even more after being burdened by rising food prices. Even though people’s incomes are only gradually recovering after the long Covid-19 pandemic.

However, Budi gave an appeal to the community to adapt to this condition. Because imposing low prices can be risky because it will drain Pertamina. On the other hand, this condition can also be used by interest groups to create social unrest.

In his written statement, Budi said, in the adaptation decision-making process, the government is very concerned about the fate of low-income people. That’s why the fuel that goes up is Pertamax, the type that has been consumed by the upper middle class. Meanwhile, the type of Pertalite consumed by the majority of the people is below the fixed price and now it is subsidized.

This professor at the State Intelligence College (STIN) explained that in order to protect the public, the government did not increase the price of Pertamax to its current economic price of around Rp. 16 thousand. Budi said that Pertamax was not equated with prices in neighboring countries, which ranged from Rp. 20-30 thousand.

He assessed that the price of Pertamax, which rose to a price range of Rp. 12,500-13,500, was relatively affordable for owners of expensive cars. However, Budi admits that this increase will indirectly have an impact without affecting people’s living costs. Coupled with the increase in other commodities. For this reason, the government will try to ensure that supply remains adequate.

On the other hand, the public is advised to use the type of fuel according to its designation. In this case, it is hoped that those who can afford it will not switch to subsidized fuel because the government provides subsidized fuel as a social safety net through price fixing. And this also concerns the ability to adapt to reality by society.

Budi explained that the most substantive solution for the community to deal with the economic conditions that lead to stagflation is to be prepared and adapt the management of daily life to the real needs of each. This solution is not only good for every individual in society, but also good for the nation because it re-cultures the values ​​of old wisdom which have almost been eroded by the pressure of modern consumerism culture.

Furthermore, Budi said the current government would also continue to ensure the availability of fuel. Thus, people will not switch to using subsidized fuel.

Budi said, to ensure that current price increases do not make people miserable, the government will continue to work hard to ensure availability, make good, real-time, and data-based fuel planning, as well as make signs so that people can not move. consume subsidized fuel.

Budi also added that basically everyone would like cheap fuel. In fact, a handful of experts believe that cheap fuel will boost economic growth. However, adaptation of current fuel prices is needed to bring new innovations.

We must believe that this challenge will pass and with innovation and new behavior and with innovation and new behavior, the Indonesian nation will emerge stronger and more united in facing the next challenges.

So far, the government has provided subsidies to the public through the provision of energy subsidies to PT Pertamina (Persero) for the difference between the selling price of fuel to the public and the price according to its economic value. The goal is to keep people’s buying and selling so that the expenses are not too large.

Therefore, when world oil prices fall, fuel prices do not immediately fall. This is because when the world oil price falls, its value does not really cover the amount of the energy subsidy budget from the government to adjust the economic value of the fuel price.

Indonesia has experienced increases in fuel prices many times, almost every increase in fuel raises anxiety from the public. So that lifestyle adaptation is absolutely necessary in the midst of rising fuel prices, especially Pertamax.

)* The author is the chairman of the Karawang Community Literacy Forum

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