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OPM Action Only Seeks Existence to Get Funds


Jakarta – Approaching December 1, the Free Papua Organization (OPM) is increasingly carrying out acts of violence. General Chairperson of the Puyra-Putri Pejuang Pejuang Presidium (P5), Yanto Eluay said, OPM got benefits in the midst of the OPM Anniversary issue.

“They want to get food. They are just looking for existence to get a share of funds from the government,” said Yanto in the Trijaya Hot Topic Evening program with the theme “Beware of Papuan Terrorist KKB Ahead of the OPM Anniversary”, Tuesday (23/11/2021).

However, according to Yanto, the violence perpetrated by the OPM does not reflect the condition of Papua as a whole. The incident only occurred at one location. While in other areas it is still conducive.

“The conditions of violence in Papua should not be generalized. Papua’s geography is very broad. The shooting incident of TNI members in Yakuhimo does not interfere with the activities of residents in general in Papua. However, we must be vigilant,” he said.

He added that the issue of increasing escalation ahead of the OPM Anniversary on December 1, was taken normally by the Papuan people. Currently the Papuan people have started to be smart. Some even focus more on preparing for Christmas worship.

Yanto said the approach to development and welfare in the Papua region in the era of President Joko Widodo was getting better. However, socialization from all components, including customary institutions, is required.

“Including the use of the special autonomy fund allocation. Although there have been a number of developments,” he said.

Yanto emphasized that the Papuan KKB had entered a terrorist movement and had to be crushed. In order not to be accused of violating the world’s human rights, it is better to let the TNI and Polri apparatus work according to their pattern.

“We hope Papua remains safe,” he said.

Head of the UI Global Terrorism & Strategic Studies Program, Muhammad Syauqillah, expressed concern over the shooting of TNI members in Yakuhimo Papua.

“In the context of terrorism and existing laws, carrying out attacks and creating chaos and disturbing security, the Papuan KKB has indeed fulfilled the elements of a criminal act of terrorism,” he explained.

He said that by December 1, there was an increase in the escalation of violence. Although there is no data yet, it is possible that the action was carried out intentionally to seek attention.

“Fully support the statement of the TNI Commander regarding the settlement of the Papuan KKB not by war. It can be through dialogue, communication, equalizing perceptions, and shared ideas. There needs to be an approach from traditional leaders, elites, and religious leaders so that escalation does not increase.” said Syauqillah.

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