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P20 Opening Momentum Accelerate Global Awakening


By : Putri Ganeswari )*

The opening of the P20 is the best momentum to be able to further accelerate the global awakening together. All delegate countries are expected to be able to participate in encouraging real action to respond to all world problems.

All preparations for the opening of the international forum The 8 th  G20 Parliamentary Speaker Summit (P20) have been carried out very well by Indonesia as the host. Even to check the final preparations, the Chairperson of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani and herself had time to drive the Hyundai Ionic 5, an electric car that will be used as a vehicle for the P20 delegation.

The use of electric cars is indeed very much in line with one of the main themes of the P20 implementation, which is about sustainable development and also a green economy. With that, the Indonesian House of Representatives really shows how strong Indonesia’s commitment and contribution as the host regarding efforts to reduce emissions is.

Officially confirmed, there were 24 countries attending the P20 in Jakarta, which consisted of 29 chambers and 2 international organizations. According to Puan, there were a total of 347 people who took part in the P20, with details of 19 parliamentarians, 14 parliamentary deputy speakers, 30 parliamentarians, 3 leaders of international organizations, as well as 12 Secretary Generals and 14 Ambassadors.

One of the events that directly involved the delegates was tree planting, which became a symbol of P20’s support to truly achieve the goals of sustainable development. Not only that, but the DPR RI itself has shown real action by providing practices for changing energy use, namely the existence of a Solar Power Plant (PLTS) which was built to meet additional electricity needs in the parliamentary environment.

Furthermore, Puan also emphasized that as the host, the Indonesian House of Representatives would certainly continue to show and give its best face in front of all parliamentary leaders of G20 member countries who were present at the P20 event. According to him, it was a very special moment and he continued to ensure that all delegates and guests who came felt comfortable while attending the event.

To note, indeed in the P20 event, all G20 member countries were certainly invited to the event, including several other delegates. With all the preparations that have been done as much as possible by Indonesia, not even a few members of the delegation admitted that the standard setting used by the DPR RI was very high in the event and deserved high appreciation.

One of them is regarding the COVID-19 protocol because currently the condition is still in a pandemic period that has not really ended. While there are still several countries that continue to struggle against the pandemic, Indonesia has proven successful in handling and controlling the pandemic, so it should be used as an example by other countries, especially for organizing international events.

In addition, Indonesia itself is also considered to have succeeded in displaying hospitality, which has indeed become one of the mainstays in holding every meeting. This made the delegates much more optimistic that all global problems could be solved together with good cooperation between all parties.

Not only that, but Indonesia is considered to have provided all of its services very well and even created a special impression in the hearts of the delegates so that they have their own interest in coming back to the country and enjoying the natural beauty of the archipelago for tourism.

Meanwhile, Puan Maharani also stated that the implementation of P20 would be the best momentum in order to strengthen collaboration to be able to face all global challenges in the future. The big theme raised was ‘Stronger Parliament for Sustainable Recovery’, which is in line with the G20 Presidency’s theme, ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’. 

The P20 itself discusses four priority issues, namely the issue of accelerating sustainable development and a green economy, food and energy security, and economic challenges, then regarding an effective parliament and dynamic democracy, to social inclusion, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives stated that all the issues raised in the P20 were indeed very relevant in the context of accelerating global recovery, especially during the post-COVID-19 pandemic. This includes being able to deal with various kinds of actual global problems that are currently being faced. According to him, a joint commitment from each country’s delegation is really needed to be able to further build good relations.

As a result of holding the P20 forum, it is hoped that there will be a determination of a collective agreement that will continue to encourage all parties to take real action in responding to various global problems. The agreement in particular is committed to building a much healthier and safer and more peaceful world.

The opening of the P20 international forum which was carried out directly in Indonesia as the host, has indeed been very successful. This is the fruit of the seriousness and commitment of the DPR RI in carrying out all its preparations so far. In addition, with the opening of the P20, it will also be the best momentum to accelerate global revival.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara Reading Room 

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