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People Need Discipline to Apply Health Protocols to Prevent Covid-19


By: Anandito Ganesha )*

When the public wants the Covid-19 pandemic to end soon, in fact they are increasingly loosening up discipline in complying with health protocols. This is what makes the emergence of the new corona cluster. People should still have to comply with health protocols and wear masks, so they don’t get infected with the covid-19 virus.

The health protocol is always socialized by the Covid-19 task force team through TV, SMS, and social media. Actually, the community already understands when reading the appeal. But unfortunately there are still some parties who are negligent and lazy to wear masks. Many began to organize events without obeying the rules of keeping distance.

This neglect is worrisome because it can give people up without symptoms. While attending the event, they are doing well. But after days, he felt short of breath and was hospitalized. When tested for swab, it turned out to be positive for corona and unfortunately it was not helped and died. This carelessness has made the number of corona patients in Indonesia increase.

An event can be held but must comply with health protocols. Doctor Hermawan Saputra reminded the public to be disciplined in complying with health protocols. As we know, this protocol consists of wearing a mask when outdoors, diligently washing your hands with antiseptic soap or using a hand sanitizer, and always keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter.

Discipline in adhering to health protocols must be maintained. Not only at an event, but also in other places such as schools. In areas with green and yellow zones, simulations of school opening have begun. Face-to-face learning must be carried out according to standard protocols and there should be no cheating at all.

Cheating is when a zone is still in the orange, even red zone, but schools have reopened. To trick the officers, students wear casual clothes, not uniforms. This is dangerous because it can create a new covid-19 cluster. Moreover, students at school like to hang out in groups and are feared of spreading the corona to each other.

If indeed in the green or yellow zone a school is reopening, then try face-to-face learning once a week first. With the conditions that are opened is high school first, junior high school and then. Starting with the oldest students, because small children are relatively easy to contract the corona. This opening should first report to the covid-19 task force team.

Face-to-face learning is conducted once a week so that students can take turns in school. So they were only in a small group, so they could sit a little apart. Students are also reminded not to chat or play close together, to comply with physical distancing. They are also required to wear a mask and under their own hand sanitizer.

Places that are also prone to becoming a new corona cluster are cafes, restaurants, and stalls. The manager should have limited the number of visitors, a maximum of 50% of incoming buyers. If the amount is excess, they are advised to take away only. Corona transmission in places to eat is prone because when eating a meal, everyone takes off their masks.

If the restaurant manager is still stubborn and allows visitors to fill his place, then they can get a Satpol PP syringe. The business license can be temporarily revoked and the manager must pay a fine. Because he was proven to have violated health protocols. The restaurant was temporarily closed and had to be sprayed with disinfectant to make it hygienic again.

Adhering to health protocols is not that difficult and masks are quite cheap. But unfortunately many are lazy to wear masks and violate other protocols, such as physical distancing. Stay disciplined and follow health protocols and carry hand sanitizers when traveling. This protocol was created for your own health.

)* The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Studies Institute (LSISI)

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