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Religious Leaders Play an Important Role in Preventing Radicalism


Religious leaders have an important role in eradicating radicalism because they have a great influence in society.

Eradication of radicalism is still a homework because there are cases of terrorism and radicalism in society. The security forces certainly cannot monitor continuously for 24 hours and civilians are asked to help monitor whether there is a spread of radicalism or not. Their participation is very large because it can prevent bad actions from happening.

The head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar stated that the ulama must fortify the younger generation from radicalism and terrorism that use religious narratives. It was as if they were struggling. So, young people are interested because they are in a period of searching for their identity.

Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar added that the crime of terrorism originated from violent ideals and was against all forms of difference or intolerance. This understanding can spread quickly like a virus. In a sense, radicalism must be eradicated now because if left unchecked, it will spread and damage the minds of the people, especially the younger generation.

Why should the younger generation be protected? The reason is because radical groups are deliberately looking for millennials to become cadres, in the context of regeneration. That’s why most bomb brides are still young, even in their early 20s. Even though this is dangerous because they are potential leaders but instead get caught up in radicalism.

Ulama must have an important role to prevent radicalism because they have a great influence in the eyes of society. When giving a lecture, many will obey him, therefore, make a polite and anti-radical lecture text. Instead of the other way around, it fosters terrorism and radicalism in Indonesia.

A religious leader should understand the dangers of radicalism and he must act wisely, that it is impossible for a caliphate state to exist because it is not in accordance with the pluralistic Indonesian society. Pancasila is the solution and with Pancasila, will not leave religion because the first precepts already read: God Almighty.

Religious leaders can choose interesting topics for lectures and don’t mention jihad or radicalism, because actually the biggest jihad is to hold back one’s lust and work for one’s beloved family. Don’t let his tongue even be used to spread something wrong.

In fact, a religious leader who already understands that radicalism is wrong can make a polite lecture that touches the hearts of his listeners. Instead of telling stories about struggle and jihad, he describes the stories of the prophet, his generosity, miracles, and things that people can emulate from his life.

Wouldn’t it be better to give a lecture by setting an example from the story of the prophet and his companions, rather than waving the flag of war by proclaiming about radical groups? Remember that your mouth is your tiger. Don’t let a preacher get plagued because he keeps provoking about radicalism.

A reliable religious leader will prefer lectures that are polite and calm the hearts of his listeners. During a pandemic, there are too many complications in human life and it should provide a solution for the people. Instead of inciting and dividing peace in this country.

Religious leaders have a very important role in preventing radicalism because they can influence the people who listen to their lectures. He can tell about virtue and peace, instead of an invitation to jihad and join a radical group. Ordinary people must be guided to have piety as well as nationalism, not to be invited to become terrorists.

Zainudin Zidan, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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