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Strengthen Immunity to Face the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Rainy Season


By: Alfisyah Dianasari )*

In the rainy season, people are asked to be more vigilant and disciplined in maintaining their immunity. Apart from Covid-19, there are various other diseases that can be spread, such as diarrhea, influenza. The community is also asked to maintain health and hygiene so that they are not easily infected.

September and October are the beginning of the rainy season. This year is like never before, because we are entering this season during the pandemic. So it is mandatory to be more introspective and keep the body in shape. Because if the body feels sick and has low immunity, then is exposed to droplets from OTG, it will be easy to catch the covid-19 virus.

Professor Ridwan Amiruddin, an epidemiologist at Unhas Makassar stated that the public is obliged to increase body resistance to face the Covid-19 pandemic during the rainy season. The reason is because in this season there are cold winds and rains, which cause diseases such as diarrhea. If there are mosquitoes, they can also get dengue.

In this rainy season, Professor Ridwan also suggested that people should not go out of the house too often, except to work and do other urgent activities. In that sense, logically, if many people leave the house, there is the potential for rain. Even though I put on a coat, I was still cold and a little bit caught in the rain.

When the body’s condition drops due to continuous rain, it can catch a cold, diarrhea, heat, and get other diseases. As a result, the body becomes weak. When endurance decreases, it can be easy to contract the corona from OTG, especially those with no symptoms appear to be healthy but are deeply sick. No wonder we have to be super vigilant.

To increase immunity, we can increase our consumption of 4 healthy 5 perfect foods. Don’t just eat instant food, but replace it with real food. Eat fresh vegetables and fruit, or you can make juice to make it more practical. If necessary, take an immune-boosting supplement or take vitamin C lozenges to make your body healthier.

For children and seniors who are more prone to corona, it is necessary to pay more attention to their nutrition. Give milk at least once a day, so that the body is stronger and not easily infected with corona. If seniors are on a diet for health, then don’t be too extreme. Make sure they consult a nutritionist before dieting, rather than taking care of the body but getting sick.

In addition to increasing dietary nutrition, we must exercise at least once a week. But pay attention to the place, don’t even run for the morning in the square or the busy CFD area. Because if people do outdoor sports, they tend to take off their masks because they feel stuffy. So it is better to exercise at home to be safer from the crowd.

Exercise at home is made easier because we can order equipment, for example dumbbells and gym balls via the online shop. There are also many sports guide videos, guided by professional instructors, on Youtube. You can follow it and exercise regularly, so that your body is fitter and not easily infected with corona.

Maintaining your body condition during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the rainy season, really requires more effort. Change your lifestyle and choose healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. For protein, choose fat-free, such as skinless chicken breast. If you are afraid of fat then choose low fat milk. The body will be healthier and immunity will be maintained because you eat nutritious food.

Besides taking care of eating, we must maintain our health by exercising regularly. Exercising fitness can be done at home. Try not to go out rarely, except when working, and for food shopping can be done online. Activities at home are prioritized, so that we are not easily exposed to the Covid-19 virus from people without symptoms out there.

)* The author is a citizen living in Depok

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