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The Community Firmly Supports Papua’s Special Autonomy


By: Alfred Jigibalom) *

The Special Autonomy program is considered to have succeeded in advancing the community on Earth of Cenderawasih. In addition, Otsus is an affirmative action that can make the Papuan people rise from being left behind. The Papuan people from various groups also firmly support the sustainability of Papua’s Special Autonomy.

Special Autonomy Volume 1 has been carried out, and the Papuan people have felt its development and attention from the government. However, the Papuan people smell nepotism in its implementation, therefore they hope that in the implementation of the second volume of Otsus, there will be no more negative smells, and the Papuan people can feel the development of their region to the fullest.

This support was conveyed through a statement of attitude made by the Papuan people who are members of the East Java Papuan Harmony, among others.

Supporting the implementation of Special Autonomy Jillid II in order to accelerate the development and welfare of the people in Papua and West Papua.

Special Autonomy for Papua Volume II is a government program that must be supported in order to improve education, health, economy and infrastructure development, so that Papua becomes a developed province and is equal to other regions in Indonesia.

Transparency by the Provincial, Regency and City Governments throughout Papua, and not practicing KKN in determining the target recipients of Special Autonomy Volume II, especially education for Papuan and West Papuan children as well as Papuan children overseas.

Encourage the government to immediately audit the Special Autonomy Program for Papua Volume I, so that the Papuan people can find out whether the use of funds is right on target or not, because the Special Autonomy Program Volume I is only felt by certain people.

Urge the central government to form an independent institution to assist and supervise the Papua Special Autonomy Program Volume II so that its distribution is really on target.

Papuan elder Robert Y. Korwa said that Otsus must be supported because this is a government program that must be implemented, even though he thinks that the Papuan people have never experienced it directly.

He assessed that the Otsus program must be supported so that the program can help people in Papua and West Papua, including those who are overseas. Because so far we have never experienced Otsus directly when compared to Papua.

The same thing was conveyed by Freek Christian, who is also an elder of the Biak community, Papua. He admitted that Otsus really helps the people of Papua and it is hoped that this special autonomy can be felt by Papuans from remote areas in Papua.

Furthermore, Christian also asked the government to monitor the implementation of Otsus properly, so that the Papuan people could feel it all, that we are part of the Papuan and West Papuan families who are worthy and deserve to share this autonomy.

Of course Otsus has provided many benefits for Papua when compared to Papua in the past and Papua now, the comparison is very far away but for its implementation it must be evaluated more so that the implementation of Otsus can be maximized and achieve the target.

Dorince Mehue, a female figure who is also the Chairperson of the Evangelical Church Women’s Fellowship (PW GKI), asked the central government to evaluate the use and management of the special autonomy fund.

Dorince said that Otsus is a blessing from God through the central government, but it has been abused by a number of people so that the impact does not reach the Papuan people.

The government must of course begin to evaluate this issue together with the Papuan and West Papua People’s Assembly. Dorince admitted that he would still support the policies of the central government in the future.
Previously, the government had submitted a proposal to revise the Papua Special Autonomy Law to the Indonesian Parliament. The legislative body followed up by creating a Special Committee (Pansus) to discuss the revision of the Law.

In the DPR Plenary Meeting for the Closing of Trial Period III for Session Year 2020-2021, February 10, 2021, a decision was made to form a Special Committee for the Bill on the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Papua’s Special Autonomy.

The existence of the Papua Special Autonomy since 2001 is a statement from the Papuan people who feel left behind from various aspects.

So that Otsus should be supported to continue, for the development of Papua, especially in terms of human resources (HR), because with the existence of Otsus, not a few Papuan children can continue their education to higher education.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Surabaya

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