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Vaccinations and Health Protocols Accelerate the Awakening of SMEs


By: Tria Kusuma)*
MSMEs are one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. To revive the MSME sector, there are 2 ways, namely vaccination and the application of strict health protocols, so that all will be healthy and safe from Corona.
The Covid-19 pandemic that we have been through for almost 2 years has left many people swayed because their financial capabilities have dropped drastically. Especially for MSME businessmen, because the business is very quiet. The reason is that people’s purchasing power has decreased, and they deliberately withheld money to buy only basic necessities during the pandemic.
MSMEs are finally starting to run out of money and they can’t just rely on BLT from the government, because the money can be used up for their daily needs. As for the long term, of course there is a special strategy so that they can survive in the midst of a pandemic. So that his business will be safe from the threat of bankruptcy.
To accelerate the rise of MSMEs, there are 2 qualified strategies, namely COVID vaccination and the application of strict health protocols. If the pandemic can be controlled and people’s activities return to normal, then the expectations of MSME actors can increase rapidly. This was stated by Anton Hendranata, Director of Research at BRI Research Institute.
Anton added that the hopes and expectations of MSME actors were greatly influenced by government policies in overcoming the pandemic and suppressing the spread of the corona virus. In a sense, the financial health of MSMEs has a strong relationship with government regulations to control the COVID-19 virus, such as vaccinations and health protocols.
So far, the government has intensified vaccinations and the target is to increase it to 2 million injections per day, so it is hoped that by 2022 all Indonesian citizens will have been injected. When vaccinated, group immunity will be formed and can be free from pandemic status. So that life goes on normally, as well as people’s purchasing power.
When people are healthy, they can work again with enthusiasm and their income gradually increases, so it is hoped that purchasing power will also increase. When purchasing power increases, MSMEs who benefit from sales also increase. With a note, they adjust to the situation, aka play more in the online market, because now it’s all digital.
SMEs must also be vaccinated because it increases the sense of security for buyers who come to the store directly. Vaccination will reduce the transmission of the corona virus and make the bodies of MSME businessmen healthy. They will have good immunity, so they are safe from the Covid-19 virus attack, with a note that they must maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In addition to vaccination, another way to accelerate the rise of MSMEs is to tighten health protocols. It’s a shame that some people are starting to slack and are lazy to wear masks, even though the delta variant corona can be transmitted only by passing OTG. So it is still mandatory to wear masks, and MSME actors should give bonuses in the form of masks so that more and more people are aware of the process.
In addition, also comply with the points in other health protocols such as maintaining distance, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility. Especially in avoiding crowds. MSME actors are obliged to guard their shops so that there is no accumulation of visitors with strict guarding, as well as shop owners, must firmly limit dine-in.
To outsmart the decrease in visitors, it can be done by means of online promotions or in collaboration with motorcycle taxi companies, so that it is more intense in the delivery order line. Rest assured that sustenance has been arranged by the Almighty, so that even without dine-in, orders will continue to flow.
To accelerate the rise of MSMEs and prevent them from going bankrupt, the government is intensifying the 10M program and vaccinations. So that everyone is healthy and eager to work, and people’s purchasing power goes up again. They will again buy up MSME products and run the country’s economy again fast.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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