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The Majority of Indonesian People Support Investment


By: Deka Prawira)*

Based on a survey from the Lowy Institute in 2022, it is known that the majority of Indonesians support investment, including foreign investment. In addition to increasing employment opportunities, investment also increases the country’s foreign exchange, and various other benefits.

Maybe there are some people who are surprised when they find out that branded goods, such as branded sports shoes, are actually produced in Indonesia. The factory is the result of foreign investment. Actually, there has been foreign investment in this country for a long time, even before the era of independence, the Dutch allowed investors to do business in Indonesia.

So does the community support foreign investment? The results of a survey from the Lowy Institute in 2022 showed that the entire community supports foreign investment, namely from Saudi Arabia and there are 57% who support it. Meanwhile, for investors from Singapore, 54% of the Indonesian population agreed. Likewise with investors from various other countries.

The results of this survey indicate that the majority of Indonesians agree with foreign investment because it will be profitable for the citizens. First, of course, there are new jobs because there are new companies and factories. If there are many job vacancies, people can apply, and ultimately reduce the unemployment rate.

The number of job vacancies is very important because since the beginning of the pandemic, the unemployment rate has increased. The reason is because many companies are losing money so they have to lay off their employees. All this is due to the low purchasing power of the people.

Even if there are companies that choose to stay, the salaries of employees have to be cut in half, so that after a long time many resign. These new unemployed are finally happy because they can apply for jobs in foreign-invested companies.

People are happy and apply for jobs in foreign-invested companies because first, the company is classy. Second, the salary is in accordance with the minimum wage set by the government. While the third, foreign workers in the company teach local employees about the latest technology.

The next benefit of investing in Indonesia that can be enjoyed by the community is the abundance of infrastructure. The government builds toll roads and other infrastructure to support the performance of investors. Then the infrastructure is also used by the people so that their mobility is faster and saves fuel costs. No wonder more and more people agree with the large number of foreign investments in Indonesia.

Furthermore, foreign investment also makes various mining materials and agricultural products in Indonesia processed into useful goods, even of export quality. Foreign investors have the money and advanced technology so they can take advantage of it. So it will be more useful.

We need not be afraid because if there is a foreign investment company that processes mining products, there will be profit sharing. Of course the government will get its share and must be equally fair. So it is a big mistake if anyone thinks that foreign investment is a new model of colonialism, because the truth is a symbiotic mutualism alias mutual benefit.

If there is a lot of foreign investment in Indonesia, the better because one indicator of a country’s progress is the amount of foreign investment. The reason is because Indonesia is trusted by many countries, ranging from those in Southeast Asia, Europe, to America, to work together.
They are sure to invest because it is directly guaranteed by President Jokowi.
The majority of Indonesians support foreign investment because it can increase the country’s foreign exchange, reduce the unemployment rate, and advance the nation. In addition, there will be processing of agricultural products so that they can be utilized and also exported. It is a big mistake if someone thinks that the public does not support foreign investment, because the reality is the opposite.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusa Bangsa Institute

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