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In recent times, Indonesia and the rest of the world have been confronted with the spread of the corona virus. Corona virus is a new type of virus whose transmission is easy enough to invite the attention and anxiety of citizens and world governments. Even worse, there is no vaccine that can cure this disease, so people are more worried. However, although this virus cannot be cured, its spread can be prevented, one of which is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. From the start, there are a number of simple steps that can be routinely carried out by each individual to the environment around the house to ward off Covid-19. But the challenge, not all households in Indonesia can adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle.

How to spread a number of viruses can be through close contact, environment or objects contaminated with the virus. The virus is transmitted through droplets originating from the airways such as coughing, being clean or when talking. Furthermore, the droplet is attached to the environment or objects because heavy droplets cannot survive in the air. How did the droplet containing the virus finally enter the human body? The answer is through hands. The hand touches the surface of the object / environment where the droplet is attached. Furthermore, the hands touch the face, especially the mouth, nose and eyes, so that finally the virus enters our bodies.

This habit of touching hands is indeed inevitable and almost every time it is done. According to the study “A Frequent Habit that has Implications for Hand Hygiene”, in an hour, the average person touches the face 23 times. The most touched part is the mouth, four times with a duration of 1-12 seconds. In addition WHO said, direct transmission can occur when a positive patient Covid-19 coughs, cleans or talks and takes out a droplet. Droplets can be inhaled directly by others if they are within 1-2 meters.

Seeing these facts, it is time for us as Indonesian people to increase their vigilance and optimize healthy lifestyles. Healthy lifestyle is one of the main pillars in counteracting the spread of corona. Of course the government also makes other efforts to overcome this virus, but all government efforts will not be useful if the people themselves do not implement healthy living.

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