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Even if PPKM is revoked , do n’t Slow down Fight against COVID-19


By : Samuel Christian Galal )*

Although Policy Enactment Restrictions Community Activities (PPKM) already official revoked by the Government of Indonesia, however to whole society as well as officials until institution government must permanent Upgrade vigilance and caution . Do not once off guard and consider as if pandemic already lost .

kindly official , President Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo has unplug PPKM policy in all regions of the country. Through the Presidential Palace , he announced on Friday (30/12) that decision for repeal the PPKM because of course situation the growing COVID-19 pandemic under control .

Of course decision for withdraw PPKM no directly as well as immediately done , unless already through a lot study and also mature consideration , even President speaking that research the said already done since more from 10 months as well as through a lot true consideration _ based on to the available data .

After through many consideration and study against data from 10 months it is assessed that of course control the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia is considered very good and curve the spread of COVID-19 is not experience a significant increase , then from that The Indonesian government then decide for unplug PKM policy .

Need is known that revocation of this PPKM has also contained in Instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs ( Mendagri ) Number 50 and 51 of 2022. After stipulated Instructions such , then in a manner official of course already no there is again restrictions crowd and movement Public like before .

Related Some of the study data used , President Jokowi explained that at least as of December 27 , 2022 , it turns out case daily COVID-19 in Indonesia is very small , ie only reached 1.7 cases per one million resident . the figure clear very show that at least ratio from one million resident of the Motherland, only there is only 1 person infected with the Corona Virus. No only case very low daily the , but the level of positivity rate in the country is also low , that is only at 3.35 percent _ just .

More further , level drain the place sleep for COVID-19 patients in Indonesia or percentage of people cared for at home sick because of the Corona Virus (bed occupancy ratio / BOR) as well low , ie only at 4.79 percent anhka just as well as level death due to COVID-19 is also very low , namely at 2.35 percent .

All data regarding COVID-19 in Indonesia even everything already are below _ the previous standard has established by the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover , indeed previously all regions in the country itself have also PPKM level 1 status , so of course no there is reason again for quick unplug implementation of PPKM.

Repeal PPKM policy has also been done because based on how scope immunity existing Indonesian residents enough high . With all risk regarding the low Corona Virus , on the other hand immunity rising society _ based on survey results that have been implemented by the Ministry of Health ( MoH ), shows that level immunity Public already was at 98.5 percent _ even since month Last July 2022 , which is a number this has increase from previously 87.8 in month December last year 2021 .

With firm , President Jokowi revealed that of course existing immunity _ owned by the people of Indonesia even in a manner community already is at a very high rate because achievements total more vaccinations _ increased , namely at 448,525,478 doses , which is no number small .

However , though so he permanent appealed to the people of the Motherland for permanent Upgrade prudence and vigilance as well . Related effort for alert such , must keep going accompanied with when wearing a mask come over places crowded and also the place covered by many people.

Ex The Governor of DKI Jakarta also made an appeal to whole Public so permanent have awareness self for do vaccination , so for feeling society _ still not yet operate vaccine in a manner dose full can live promote matter the because of course whole effort that will keep going help in enhancement immunity group in a manner whole .

According to him , society of course must the more have awareness in a manner independent related effort prevention will transmission , including efforts _ for can detect symptoms and also look for treatment of COVID-19. Besides that , President Jokowi also requested to all apparatus as well as institution Government for permanent ready standby .

Preparedness the ie for can face for example there is possibility happening spike return cases of COVID-19 in the country. Because when Public already alert , then must offset with how readiness of officials and institutions government for everything effort for truly disconnect chain transmission of the Corona Virus can in a manner maximum done .

Message special said by President Jokowi to officials and institutions _ government so permanent promote mechanism vaccinations so far this has held very well by Indonesia so dissemination vaccines in Indonesia are very evenly distributed , especially for gift booster vaccines to whole society .

For that , don’t once off guard and like live consider that COVID-19 has is lost so course , though PPKM policy already repealed by the Government , however no means vigilance and caution live can removed so just . Precisely Public must keep going be alert .

)* Writer is Indomedia Gala Institute contributors

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