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Government Maximizes Economic Recovery During the Covid-19 Pandemic


By: Indy Rahmawati)*

The government maximizes Indonesia’s economic recovery during the pandemic. These efforts are carried out through the provision of incentives to the relaxation of community activities.

The pandemic has turned almost all fields upside down, especially the economy. People’s purchasing power has decreased drastically and this condition is not only happening in Indonesia, but also throughout the world. The government is working hard to restore the national economy to avoid a recession or economic crisis volume 2.

Now we have entered the 24th month of the pandemic and are transforming into an endemic period. Where the vaccine has been found and vaccination coverage in Indonesia is more than 50%. Although we don’t know when the endemic period will be, there must be careful preparations for the sake of economic recovery so that the country’s financial condition will get better.

BI Deputy Governor Juda Agung said, “This economic recovery can be seen from the increasingly normal mobility of society, indicators of retail sales, to increased indicators of consumer confidence.” In a sense, towards the endemic phase the economy is starting to improve because people’s purchasing power is gradually recovering. They no longer only buy basic needs, but also secondary and tertiary needs.

In addition, there are no more restrictions on mobility as at the beginning of the pandemic such as a ban on going out of the house and isolation during micro PPKM. People’s mobility has a high impact on the economy because they are able to work from the office and the delivery of goods is smooth. The state’s financial condition has also started to recover thanks to the easing of this regulation.

Juda Agung continued, “I believe that Indonesia’s economic growth this year will be quite fast compared to last year’s 3.69 percent. Meanwhile, the forecast for growth this year is between 4.7%-5.5%.” This figure is quite good because there is an increase, not stagnant or even minus.

Indonesia’s economic condition has also recovered thanks to an increase in the tourism sector, which was triggered by the MotoGP race at the Mandalika Circuit, NTB. The race which is only 3 days is able to attract tourists, not only local tourists but also foreign tourists. They packed Mandalika and other hotels and inns also increased in occupancy. Later in the endemic period, we are optimistic that this situation will get better.

BI estimates that the economic sectors of manufacturing, trade, infrastructure, agriculture and tourism will increase this year. Apart from tourism, there will indeed be another increase, in the trade sector, we can see that markets and supermarkets are bustling again because buyers are allowed to enter, provided they have been vaccinated and maintain health protocols.

Meanwhile, in the infrastructure sector, the government is pushing to build various facilities for the people. Even though there is a pandemic, it does not hinder the national economic recovery program. Not only roads are built, but also bridges and dams and other infrastructure for the smooth running of people’s lives. It is proven that when there is a dam, the problems of drought and flooding are solved.

The economic recovery occurred because of the hard work of the government which moved quickly to provide vaccines for all Indonesian people. Vaccines are also free and guaranteed halal. If there are many vaccines, it will accelerate the formation of herd immunity so that the pandemic ends quickly and we can enter the endemic period happily.

Indonesia’s economic recovery began to improve. Even though it is still a pandemic, people’s purchasing power is still high and they are starting to buy various needs in the market. We are optimistic that the endemic will occur quickly because many have been vaccinated and adhere to health protocols. During the endemic period, the wheels of the economy will roll faster.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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