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Important Agent Lecturer Realizes Religious Moderation


By: Alif Fikri)*

Preachers are agents of religious moderation because they have large platforms and followers. With the active role of lecturers in voicing religious moderation, tolerance between religious people will increase.

Currently, there are more and more speakers, both broadcast on radio, television shows, and social media. Those who are mostly pesantren graduates preach for peace and the benefit of the people. Lecturers are highly respected for being teachers in guiding ways of worship and good behavior in social circles.

However, lecturers must also understand that their strategic and respected position is obliged to help the government. The trick is to create religious moderation in this country and make it viral. The reason is that religious moderation is very good for curbing radicalism and terrorism.

Religious moderation is an attitude or perspective on religious behavior that is moderate, tolerant, respects differences, and always embodies the common good. The Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of the Papua Province appealed to the lecturers to be able to become agents of religious moderation and have good national insight.

In a sense, the position of the speaker must be used to influence the congregation. An ustad and kiai can provide examples of religious moderation and become the mouthpiece of the government in terms of tolerance. This nation needs religious moderation so that there are no seeds of extremism and radicalism that can destroy this country.

Lecturers are obliged to assist the government in spreading religious moderation because their words will be obeyed by the congregation. When he promotes tolerance as part of the ways to gain merit there will be a lot of people respecting each other. Even though they have different beliefs, they still respect each other.

Proverbs Yowei, Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion (Ka Kanwil Kemenag) Papua stated that as government partners, religious lecturers and instructors must be able to position themselves without taking sides with any party. Lecturers must provide soothing messages and education, and be able to provide religious services to the community regardless of class or status. Moreover, religious moderation is one of the Ministry of Religion’s 2022 programs.

In a sense, the speaker is not only preaching about the wisdom of fasting, zakat fitrah, alms, and others. But a missionary also teaches about religious tolerance and moderation. He also cannot take sides or only teach the teachings of certain schools of thought.

The role of the lecturer is very important because it is respected by the community. They are obliged to use it so that the congregation will understand the meaning of religious moderation. The reason is because there are still many who do not know what the meaning of religious moderation is. So the first task is to tell the meaning and give examples in everyday life.

One of the core teachings of religious moderation is tolerance. Lecturers can preach that tolerance is needed in building this country. The congregation does not only build good relations with the Almighty but also with fellow human beings, even though their beliefs are different.

An example of a religious moderation lecture is the presentation of a verse in the holy book that obliges people to do good and justly. Here, what is meant by doing good is not only to those who are of the same religion, but also to those who are different.

Differences should not be exaggerated. The essence of tolerance taught by the lecturer is mutual respect. When it’s December, it won’t be hot and cold when you see all red and green decorations, red hats, and Santa Claus statues. But the people understand that this is their way of welcoming the holiday.

Lecturers have a very important role in spreading religious moderation. With the active role of lecturers, it is hoped that the community will be more moved and accept the concept of religious moderation as one of the keys to maintaining Indonesian unity.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusa Bangsa Institute

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