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Adhere to Health Protocols during Ramadan Worship


By: Dinindiya Putri) *

We are fasting again in the midst of a pandemic. In order not to be infected with the Covid-19 virus, stick to health protocols. Both when on the move outside and during tarawih prayers at the mosque. Maintaining protocol is still required and don’t let your guard down at all, so you don’t get corona.In 2021, Muslims must be patient again because they are fasting in the midst of a pandemic, like last year. The difference is, this year they are allowed to pray tarawih at the mosque or musala, on condition that they must be in the green or orange zone. Also comply with health protocols, in order to minimize transmission of corona. Do not let there be a new cluster of mosques.

Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin reminded that we all have to strictly implement health protocols in all activities. In addition, all Muslims must also comply with health protocols when praying in mosques. In that sense, don’t forget to wear a mask when leaving for the maghrib bejamaah or tarawih prayers.

Many mosques have complied with the vice president’s recommendation to be disciplined in health protocols. First, all pilgrims must wear masks, and when someone is not wearing them, they will be prohibited from entering. Second, there is a hand washing container outside (separate from the place of ablution) and an antiseptic soap is also provided. There is also a hand sanitizer bottle that can be sprayed for free.

In addition, each congregation must bring their own prayer mat, because it is feared that if you join the prayer mat together or rely only on the available carpet, you will be exposed to droplets containing the Covid-19 virus. The mat must be clean and hygienic (if necessary, spray it with an antiseptic solution before use).

The most important health protocol implemented in mosques is maintaining distance. The arrangement of the prayer mat belonging to the congregation should not be close together like it was before the pandemic, but rather be given a distance of 1 meter. This is permissible and does not reduce the reward, for pandemic reasons. Lastly, the congregation should not be allowed to wear clothes safely as usual, to avoid physical contact.

The application of health protocols must be carried out strictly. Because we want to gain reward by praying tarawih at the mosque, as long as the fasting month. With conditions, all must obey the rules and don’t let anyone escape not wearing a mask. Prayers wearing a mask are still valid and do not cancel the service.

Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qaumas stated that maintaining health protocol teaches us to be disciplined. This is in accordance with the spirit of Ramadan. In that sense, during the fasting month, Muslims are obliged to be disciplined by refraining from eating and drinking after dawn until sunset. By adhering to health protocols, we get used to discipline and end up fasting with ease.

Yaqut added that discipline in maintaining health protocols is also an effort to maintain personal and family health. In that sense, we are obliged to try before we really give up. The intended effort is to prevent disease, because it is better to prevent than to cure. In fact, there are some corona patients who do not survive while undergoing treatment, because they have comorbidities.

Corona prevention can also be done by vaccination. Everyone is required to get vaccine injections in order to have immunity against corona. Muslims don’t worry because the vaccines are halal and guaranteed by the MUI. So they don’t hesitate when they get the injection.

Adhering to health protocols is an obligation so that we don’t get corona. Likewise during Ramadan. When leaving for congregational prayers at the mosque, you must comply with protocol by wearing a clean mask, bringing your own prayer mat, and having your ablution from your home. By obeying the protocol, we can worship peacefully and get rewarded.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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