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IESF Bali 14th WEC 2022 Officially Closed with great fanfare, Optimism for the Development of the Indonesian Esports Ecosystem is Higher


Bali — The IESF Bali 14Th WEC 2022 officially closed with great fanfare, optimism for how the development of the esports ecosystem in Indonesia is increasing. This reflects on the great success of PBESI under the leadership of Budi Gunawan in holding the world’s largest outdoor electronic sports event.

The Indonesia Esports Summit: Bali 14th World Esports Championships 2022 event, which has been officially recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, finally on Sunday (11/12) was officially closed.

As the opening was held last Friday (2/12), this time the closing also took place with great fanfare.

All efforts have been made in such a way by the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI) because the event was designed to elevate the sport tourism ecosystem so that it contributes to developing the country’s economy and tourism sector.

Not only that, the General Chair of PBESI, General Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan explained that esports is not just a type of game, but has many other benefits for the younger generation.

“Apart from the game aspect, e-sports is useful for honing young people’s abilities in strategic, intelligent and creative thinking, analysis in strategizing, motivation and teamwork, as well as agility and physical endurance,” he explained.

In fact, through this electronic sport, it turns out that it is also able to mold the younger generation into superior human resources.

“We can imagine, young Indonesians who are fond of e-sports if properly directed and nurtured can become superior human resources in various fields. Such as military, doctors, IT experts, entrepreneurs, genetic engineering, and others. This will bring Indonesia to become a developed, strong and respected country,” said Budi Gunawan.

Regarding the many benefits of esports, the Chief Executive of PBESI, Komjen Pol Drs. Bambang Sunarwibowo explained that so far the support from creative industry players has been very large for the esports ecosystem.

“We also see that currently the support from Indonesian creative industry players, as well as witness the beautiful panorama of Bali which will be the backdrop for the spectacular competition stages that will be held. An affirmation that this is the true face of esports,” he said.

Furthermore, he gave his great appreciation because so far the development of esports has been extraordinary.

“The face of a new sport that is growing rapidly and is developing into an industry with great economic, social and cultural potential. The new sport branch is not only capable of being a forum for actualization and world-class achievements for young people from all over the nation, but also has the potential to act as a social currency for post-pandemic economic recovery,” added the PBESI Daily Chair.

With the success of holding the largest outdoor esports event in the world, Bambang hopes that in the future more and more talented Indonesian esports athletes will be born.

“We hope that we can present athletes who truly have international capabilities in the world of esports, therefore we have prepared in such a way that recently several esports events held at the provincial and national levels can present athletes the best in the world of esports for Indonesia and we hope to be able to make a contribution on the international stage,” he said.

Meanwhile, President of the International Esports Federation (IESF), Vlad Marinescu revealed that the many esports events such as the Bali 14th WEC 2022 are very beneficial for the progress of esports athletes themselves.

“The journey of esport until now has been a dream since 3 years ago and jointly it can be supported by various world sports organizations. We continue to encourage all esport athletes to uphold mutual respect, love and appreciation for each other among other athletes,” he explained.

He also admitted that the continuation of the newest sport in the electronic world is actually similar to the benefits of traditional sports.

“Esports is the newest sport, and the biggest, fastest sport today and has a way of working that is similar to traditional sports in terms of its value to be able to build us all healthier. We must continue to learn from traditional sports about hard training and mutual respect, these are all forms of responsibility,” added Vlad.

For information, Indonesia also emerged as the overall champion in the IESF Bali 14Th WEC championship. In this case, Indonesia won 3 (three) gold from the DOTA 2, eFootball and MLBB game numbers. Indonesia also won 1 bronze medal presented by the CS:GO Women’s National Team.

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