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KSP and Kominfo Collaborate with Media, Key to the Success of the 2023 ASEAN Summit


Labuan Bajo – Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP), Moeldoko and the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) continue to collaborate with the media, which is one of the keys to the successful implementation of the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

According to Moeldoko, the Government of Indonesia as the Chair of ASEAN 2023 has been working hard so far.

All the hard work from the Government will certainly produce maximum results if it gets support from the media.

The role of the media is very important, he even stated that without the media, Indonesia’s chairmanship in ASEAN 2023 would seem to mean nothing.

Therefore, he asked media partners to be able to continue to strengthen Indonesia’s positioning as Chair of ASEAN this year.

“Don’t get the impression that the government is spending a lot of money, but without results. So I beg the media to strengthen Indonesia’s positioning in the ASEAN Chair,” said Moeldoko.

The KSP then emphasized that the effectiveness of reporting from the media was crucial in the success of the 42nd ASEAN Summit which was held in Labuan Bajo.

For this reason, there has also been the establishment of a media center, which will all prepare material to provide substantial and quality content related to this international event.

Moeldoko is determined to be able to continue to encourage the media to do effective reporting, where the experience of implementing the G20 some time ago will be repeated and even continue to be perfected.

“I want to emphasize how reporting can run effectively and powerfully. Both in substance and time. We’ll get the flow ready. The experience of the G20 is a benchmark for improvement at this Summit,” he explained.

The man who served as TNI Commander in 2013-2015 then asked the media to work together with the government to continue to support the succession of the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

“Let’s bring together the government to bring success to ASEAN chairmanship for the national interest and the good name of Indonesia,” said Moeldoko.

On the same occasion, the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny G Plate said that the ASEAN Summit was very strategic for Indonesia.

And in 2023, it will be the fifth time that Indonesia has held ASEAN Chair with the theme “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth.”

“Indonesia wants to make ASEAN remain important and relevant to the ASEAN community and the world. Indonesia wants to bring ASEAN into a region that has an important role for regional countries and the world,” said Plate.

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