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Peaceful Society Without Radical Mass Organizations


By: Muhammad Yasin) *

The government has dissolved and banned FPI since December 2020 . Nobody regretted the dissolution, instead the people were happy because Indonesia was more peaceful without FPI. When a radical mass organization is disbanded, all Indonesian citizens are no longer afraid of their activities, because there is no longer any threat of sweeping from them.

Indonesia is a Pancasila country and its people are pluralistic and have different beliefs. However, this difference is still one, aka the diversity of things . Unfortunately, this principle is not understood by FPI. They forced their will to make a khilafiyah state and rejected Pancasila. Yet since Indonesia’s independence, everyone agrees that Pancasila is the basis of the state.

Therefore, the government disbanded FPI at the end of December 2020. This dissolution is based on the SKB 6 head of the institution, so that it has a strong legal umbrella. Moreover, since 2019, FPI has not been licensed, so it is categorized as an illegal organization. When it was dissolved, FPI was not allowed to carry out various activities and its attributes were also prohibited in Indonesia.

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated that former FPI members should obey the applicable regulations. The man who is familiarly called Kang Emil also thinks that Indonesia needs peace and obedience. In that sense, when FPI disbanded, peace was automatically created. He also asked the former FPI members not to act so messing up the country.

Emil continued, we should all focus on overcoming the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and reducing things that reduce concentration. In that sense, instead of dealing with the controversy behind the disbandment of FPI, it is better to assist the task of the covid task force team in dealing with the pandemic. Also stick to health protocols.

When FPI disbanded, the people could sigh with relief, because nothing else would disturb peace in Indonesia. Moreover, the month of Ramadan will be soon. No FPI member dared to carry out sweeping at food stalls that were open during the day, as in previous years. Because their sweeping violates the law. The reason is that only the security forces are allowed to do so.

During sweeping there was always a commotion, because the shop owner didn’t like it. If there is a riot or even confiscation, it will automatically destroy the peace. In fact, according to Ustad Savic Ali, it is okay to open a shop during the day during Ramadan, because it is for tolerance. Nor does it affect the people to break their fast. In that sense, it is possible that the people in it are not obliged to fast because they are non-Muslims.

When FPI disbands, peace will be created between people in Indonesia. Because they can no longer threaten to commit violence in front of places of worship. People can pray calmly and are not afraid to celebrate their religious holidays, when FPI has been declared prohibited.

Likewise with accessories in shopping centers. Mall owners will no longer be afraid to put up decorative cypresses, red and green ribbons, Santa statues, or wear red hats to their employees. This is because FPI cannot sweep and destroy the ornament.

In this way, peace will be created because there is no FPI which always causes riots and imposes its views. They never respect uma with other beliefs, and threaten to sweep by force. In fact, this action clearly violates the law, because the FPI is not at all authorized to do so.

The public has been eagerly awaiting the disbandment of FPI because they have been too tired of the various riots caused by these radical mass organizations. When FPI disbanded, they were happy because they could implement pluralism and mutual respect among the people. And they are not afraid to welcome the holidays, because there is no threat of sweeping.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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