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Beware KKSB Maneuvers Ahead of the Continuation of Special Autonomy for Papua Volume 2


By: Rebecca Marian) *

Ahead of the special autonomy volume 2, vigilance in Papua is being increased to guard against attacks by armed criminal groups. They continue to demand independence and invite the people of Cendrawasih to defect. As well as rejecting the special autonomy program from the central government.

The Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) is a person who often causes chaos on Earth of Cendrawasih. They do not hesitate to scare with rifles and even kill innocent civilians. KKSB is affiliated with the Free Papua Organization and always hides from the pursuit of officers who want to arrest them.

The KKSB is very closely watched by the authorities because they create chaos everywhere, and have even claimed a total of 140 lives. This September, they have committed several criminal events. Apart from civilians, they were also desperate to shoot at the officers on duty. The Head of Information for Kogabwilhan III stated that KKS B was a terrorist.

Ahead of the special autonomy volume 2 which will take effect in 2021, the authorities are increasingly protecting Papua’s security from KKSB malignancies. They could have created greater terror than before, because they did not agree with the special autonomy program . For KKSB, o tsus is the embodiment of the government, therefore its extension must be thwarted as soon as possible.

When there is construction of bridges, roads, or other infrastructure in Papua which is a special autonomy program , security is always tight. Because it is not impossible for KKSB members to sneak in and want to thwart the project. Even though the special autonomy was aimed at the advancement of Papua, they wanted to thwart it and shoot at will.

The shooting incident which claimed the lives of the KKSB was allegedly deliberately carried out. The aim is to thwart the extension of special autonomy and attract attention from the international media. They seek sympathy from abroad, so that their actions are excused. Then hope that the central government will be reprimanded by the presidents of other countries.

Even though what KKSB is doing is playing the victim When a member was arrested because he wanted to thwart the special autonomy program , the Indonesian government was even considered to have violated human rights by foreign media. They at all did not know that this arrest was reasonable because KKSB was a terrorist and prevented the success of special autonomy.

KKSB penetrated the virtual world and campaigned guerrilla. They deliberately created an account in order to spread their teachings and invite the civil society to join the Free Papua Organization. And thwart the extension of the otsus next year. The virtual world was chosen because they could create fake accounts and were harder to catch than the real world.

The cyber police continue to search accounts that refuse the extension of special autonomy and at the same time want to arrest KKSB members. Because they keep disturbing not only in duna real but also virtual world. Also slander that the special autonomy program is detrimental to the people of Papua, even accusing the central government of colonizing Papua.

The Papuan people are asked to continue to raise awareness. If there is a suspicious person, please call the authorities immediately. It could be that he is an undercover KKSB member who wants to terrorize and thwart the special autonomy program .

Indonesian citizens in other regions can also help by reporting to the cyber police when there are social media accounts asking to reject the special autonomy of Papua. They can get caught in the ITE Law . Don’t just follow this account and don’t be influenced by the stories of those playing the victim .

When special autonomy volume 2 will be implemented in Papua, we all have to be aware of the presence of armed separatist criminal groups. Because they always mess up not only in the real world , but also in cyberspace. KKSB must be eradicated as soon as possible.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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