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KST Interferes with Infrastructure Development Must be Eradicated


By : Alfred Jigibalom )*

Separatist and terrorist groups (KST) became enemies of societybecause it has hurt the Papuan community too often. They make civilians miserable by attacking blindly. KST must be eradicated because it also hinders the development of infrastructure in Bumi Cendrawasih.

KST is an organization under OPM (Organization of Papua Merdeka) that is famous for its brutality. They do not shy away from committing atrocities, both to the authorities and Papuan civilians. All the threats were carried out, because they were confident to unite to form the Federal State of West Papua and wanted to leave NKRI. Until Indonesia is considered as an enemy.

KST must be eradicated because it sabotages infrastructure development in Papua. The Papuan National-Indigenous Youth Leadership Council (DPN-PAP) condemned the attack by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) against the TNI, Polri and civilians. Including the shooting of workers that killed eight employees of PT Palapa Timur Telematics (PTT) in Beoga, Puncak Regency, Papua.

The terror of this shooting further emphasized that the KKB group, namely TPNPB and OPM, was trying to hinder development efforts and create fear among the people of Papua. This barbaric and heinous act that was carried out by KST received a lot of criticism from various parties.

DPN-PAP Chairman Jan Christian Arebo condemned the inhumane actions carried out by the TPNPB. He stated that the shooting carried out by the KKB was categorized as a human rights violation, so I said that the terrorist group that carried out the shooting in Beoga district was an act of human rights violation.

There are no Papuans who oppose infrastructure development. They are not anti-immigrant and they are not anti-investment. For this reason, development by the Government of Indonesia must continue to realize a sense of social justice.

Arebo continued, he assessed that the ongoing development project is improving connectivity in the Land of Papua, both trans-Papua and the telecommunications network.

In a sense, workers are helping development in Papua in the communications sector. If the BTS is repaired it will be even better for transmitting signals. However, this effort was hindered by KST. It means they don’t like the progress on Earth of Cendrawasih, because the towers don’t get better and eventually the communication gets worse.

In fact, signals are needed, not only for communication between residents, but also for school children. When the corona case rises again, they go online again. So teachers and students need signals for zoom sessions or sending assignments via WA. However, their intention to study was hindered by KST.

KST is getting bolder and more brutal in carrying out their actions because they feel support. There are roles played by individuals in Papua who to this day continue to speak out in support of an Free Papua and ask the UN Human Rights Council to examine human rights violations in Papua.

Not only hindering telecommunications development in Papua, KST also hinders the construction of the Trans Papua Road. The proof is that they carried out several attacks. Until now, workers on the Trans Papua Road project have been escorted by security forces to anticipate KST attacks.

The KST action was criticized for sabotaging infrastructure development in Papua, both in the form of the   Trans Papua road and telecommunications projects. It means they don’t want the Papuan people to progress, apart from accusing them of colonialism in the Cendrawasih Land. Even though the Papuan people themselves do not like KST which hinders infrastructure progress. They can’t stop thinking why in this modern era they still think about colonialism?

KST never thought that the central government would provide trillions of rupiah in funds. Starting from the provision of special autonomy funds to the regional budget in large numbers. Everything is given for the prosperity and progress of Papua. However, KST always thinks negatively and attacks blindly, and ruthlessly sabotages development in Papua.

Apart from that, the KST also hindered development in the field of education, because they shot teachers and set fire to school buildings. In fact, if there is no education, the future of Papuan children can be bleak. They are clearly wrong because education is very important, so that indigenous Papuans can move forward and become future leaders.

Really can’t understand why KST is sabotaging development? In fact, if there is infrastructure development, it is the people who enjoy the facilities. It’s really strange when they accuse Indonesia of colonizing Papua, because if it colonizes of course there won’t be any representative bridges and highways.

When a KST member is arrested, that’s a natural thing because they are indeed guilty. The public should not pay attention to accusations from outsiders who say that this is a violation of human rights, because it was KST that violated the human rights of civilians by shooting indiscriminately. If KST kills people then it’s already entered into a case of premeditated murder.

KST has repeatedly sabotaged infrastructure development in Papua. Both road construction and telecommunications, and harm the people of Cendrawasih Earth. Therefore the Papuan people themselves have antipathy towards KST and agree when the separatist group is eradicated.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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