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KST Papua Provokes Riots in Wamena


Jayapura – The riots in Wamena occurred on 24 February 2024 and caused huge losses to the community. The community is also expected to exercise restraint and be careful because the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist (KST) group continues to provoke the Papuan people to blame the Security Forces for the riots.

KST did various ways to divide society so that they no longer have a sense of nationalism, then turned pro towards the Federal Republic of West Papua. Apart from carrying out violent means (by attacking civilians and security forces), KST also spread hoaxes and propaganda. The aim is to provoke the Papuan people and make them dislike the Indonesian government.
One of KST’s recent provocations was when there was a hoax circulating about child abduction, when a grocery car passed by. This incident ended in chaos because a group of elements set fire to the kiosk and residents were scared. In this tragic incident there were 10 fatalities and 14 injured residents, while from the security forces there were 14 injured victims.

Because of the KST provocation, the people of Wamena are suffering. How could it not be, besides experiencing material losses because the kiosks and houses were burnt, the community also suffered injuries. Some even had to lose their family members because they became victims in this riot.

KST provoked that the passing grocery store contained a group of kidnappers who would take elementary school children in Wamena and its surroundings by force. When the community attacked the car and there were personnel from the Wamena Police to provide security, the KST members further provoked the residents to riot. The result is more and more injuries and fatalities.

The KST provocation was very detrimental because the community lost their property and the amount of loss that had to be borne by them had not been calculated. In addition, if someone is injured, they also lose because they cannot work for several days, and when their status is a daily worker, they will not receive a wage. Meanwhile, families who were left forever because their father became a victim also lost because they lost their breadwinner.

Therefore the Papuan people, especially those in Wamena, are asked to remain calm and not be affected by KST provocations.

Papuan youth leader Absalom Yerisitou stated that the people of Wamena are urged to remain calm and not be provoked by existing issues. In a sense, when there is a riot, what must be watched out for is the potential for repeated riots to occur due to provocation by elements. In this case it was KST who did it, so that the Papuan people hate the security forces and leave Indonesia.

The youth leaders want the condition of Wamena and all regions in Papua to be safe and peaceful and the method is to ignore KST provocations. They are a rebel group who want the people of Cendrawasih to defect. Because of this, the people were fueled by their emotions so they disobey the authorities, even though they are carrying out their duties to maintain order.

KST deliberately provoked the public to break the rules and use the issue of child abduction. Unfortunately, their cunning mind has succeeded in inciting people to be reckless and take the law into their own hands.

When members of the Wamena Police arrested the grocery car driver who was accused of being a kidnapper, the people panicked and wanted to molest him. Even though this is wrong because it is not according to procedure. Indonesia is a country of laws and when someone is accused they have to prove that they are innocent before a judge.

However, the people took the law into their own hands, causing riots and causing many victims. All of this was the result of KST’s incitement. Therefore, Papuans are asked to remain calm and not be affected by hoaxes and propaganda deliberately made by the rebel group.

Meanwhile, Herman Doga, Head of the Jayawijaya Community Customary Institution, stated that the people of Wamena were urged to remain calm. Together, the community is expected to keep the city of Wamena safe and comfortable.

Currently, the situation in Wamena and its surroundings is conducive and the former riots have been cleaned up. However, the security forces remained on guard and assisted by PROPAM. The goal is to prevent repeated riots, as well as protect against KST attacks.

The people of Wamena were asked not to share any videos or news about the riots a few days ago, for fear that it would turn out to be just hoaxes and propaganda made by KST. They deliberately do this to divide Papuans and make people hate their government. Wamena had heated up because there were riots caused by hoaxes and provocations. The main actor, alias propagator of the provocation, is KST, who deliberately did it so that the public is antipathy towards the central government and security forces. Residents of Wamena and all of Papua are expected not to be influenced by hoaxes, propaganda and provocations, and do not share photos just because they could be fake. The community also hopes that the situation in Wamena will return to being conducive and the wheels of the people’s economy will resume running.

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